yoga tips for flat stomach

Abdominal and thighs fat often causes many women to get “headaches” for flat stomach. They are inferior to wearing tight suits when they go out. So how to help women get the flat stomach as desired? We would like to introduce effective yoga tips for flat stomach for the body toned, for women to lean.


 Yoga is the ancient method of mind and body training derived from India. So far, yoga is a very popular sport, yoga is very effective with the body, especially the mental health. Yoga can reduce stress, relax and prevent disease. In addition, yoga for flat stomach brings beautiful shape as desired.


The movement of yoga exercises as a type of exercise which helps the body relax and work better. Especially the yoga exercises also work great for weight loss. You will be physically fit, slim and supple if you regularly practice yoga exercises. Please share with you exercises to reduce fat for a flat stomach and thighs effectively, giving you a healthy body, compact shape, toned.

Yoga wind release


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Yoga tips for flat stomach wind release

The goal of this slimming yoga exercise for a flat stomach is to burn fat quickly in the abdomen. When folded the body continuously, the breast will heat up, while the body consumes a lot of calories and supports effective weight loss.
Perform: Lie on the floor, face up and bend one leg, the thigh is 90 degrees to the floor. Next, use your hands and put on the thigh to force the person to get up so that the forehead touches the knee. Make 15-20 beats per session.

Yoga Cobra


yoga-tips-for-flat-stomach-02Yoga tips for flat stomach - Cobra

The cobra pose is one of the simplest yoga for flat stomach but most effective yoga exercises. In addition to helping the abdomen, buttocks, this exercise is good for health, support the spine tough, strong, promote blood circulation, reduce stress, stimulate digestion.
Perform: Lie face down on the floor to the people touching the ground. Then place your hands at the position equal to the shoulders, using both arms to raise and lower the upper body. Perform 30 beats per session.

Yoga Bowl

Like the name, this yoga tip for flat stomach requires you to create a curved shape like a bowl. The muscles in the arms, abdomen, legs will be stretched moderately and help to create firmness for these areas.
Perform: Lie on the floor, face down to the floor and bend the leg so that the heel touches the buttocks. Next, slowly put your hands behind your back, grasp your feet, and bend your back. Hold this position for 1 to 2 minutes and then rest for 30 seconds and continue on.

Yoga Warrior 1



Yoga tips for flat stomach Yoga Warrior 1

This yoga exercise for flat stomach simulates the actions of ancient warriors, has the effect of losing weight, burning fat in the arms, thighs and helps reduce back pain. There are three Warrior Exercises and the following is a guide to the Warrior 1 Pose.

Perform: Stand straight, step the right leg up, lower body so that calves and thighs close to the angle of 90 degrees, both arms upward to form a corner of 60 degrees over the face, eyes follow the arms. Then, slowly lower the arm and then spread it with the shoulder. Next, take your upper body back, place your left hand against your elbows, raise your right hand slightly upward and slightly backward, face up with your hands. Repeat this action 30 times.

These yoga tips for flat stomach help you train your body to have the energy to accomplish the best daily tasks. And for effective abdominal and thigh slimming effect you are very surprised. You will have a flat stomach and attractive thighs.

With yoga tips for flat stomach above, if you persevere with regular exercise every day you will find quite surprised about the effect it brings. Good luck.


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