yoga for the better life

People, nowaday, always want to make their life better. They focus more on eating the healthy food, playing sports or doing more exercises to prevent sickness, or simple is make them more active. All of them can be combined easily just by doing Yoga- the most effective exercise with the whole body.


For the beginners, what is Yoga and how it works must be the popular question you might have ??
Yoga is the exercise which requires people’s combination between mental and physical union at the same time. Yoga’s working based on the principle of controlling the breath while keeping the body with a position in order to master the toughness’ body, enhance intelligence, keep health and find the tru value of the happiness.

Types of Yoga
The term “ Yoga” has been seperated into these things.
•    “ Gyan Yoga” : philosophy.
•    “ Bhakti Yoga” : path of devotional bliss.
•    “ Karma Yoga”: path of blissful action.


Why do need to choose Yoga?
Yoga is suitable for everyone at the ages, sexes and health conditions.
•    The benefits after doing Yoga can help practisers are:
•    Yoga can preserves beauty and youth.
•    Yoga repels all illnesses.
•    Yoga brings the calmness and body’s balance.
One of the important exercises of Yoga is meditation.
With meditation, people need to prastice more on how to breath in the right way. Besides that, practitioners need to exercise through the adjustment of the body’s soul, tries to let their mind relax.
The consiquence of this method is the body sublimate, enhance the capacity of the mind, grasp the law of life which is healthy, peaceful and relaxed.


There are a lot of magic of doing Yoga. Let’s do this to improve the body shape, enjoy your life to make yourself  better.



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