yoga for beginners

You got insomnia. Try yoga. You got neck pain. Try yoga. You got back pain. Try yoga. I mean that yoga can heal you both inside and outside.
There are many types of yoga to choose from Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power to Ananda, Balance, Dynamic… All types of yoga have the same purpose that discovering yourself and a bridge connect mind and body as well.


Let’s cut our bullshit and straight to the word. This is our conversation for those who are beginners try to yoga. When you first do yoga, maybe you are nervous what you really need to prepare. All of things that you have to buy are clothing, towel and bottle of water.


Bottle of water, towel and mat are best friends


All of yoga postures are done with bare foot on mat so wear the most comfortable outfit, breathable clothing that allows you to perform poses easily. You won’t wear a skirt, jeans or trousers because it is very inconvenient and not properly for yoga. Following my advice, you can wear a legging - trendy for women or loose pants. All of them are completely fit for you. How about men? Men tend to wear favor short such as cotton short or wear cotton pants. Remember to bring a towel and bottle of water contains 1l water to hydrate your body.


If you have never done yoga before, you should take the easy class first. The best place for beginner is hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is the simple one that allow everyone to follow. In this class, we spend most of the time on physical postures from warm-up to move slow enough to perform postures as well and finish class with meditation.


Meditation – Hatha yoga


Some basic postures fit for every beginner such as mountain pose (stand tall on feet, shoulder relaxed, take deep breath and raise your hand over head, palm facing each other) bridge pose (lying down on mat, lift hips, place arms aside, palms down), cat pose (chair pose, child pose (lie down like a baby with face down and stretch all your arms, lower your chest as close to your knees, sit up on heels), cobra pose (lie face down on the floor, legs extended with the tops of your foot, hip downward, chest up, your shoulder bend backward), corpse pose (this pose is total relaxation, lying down at mat with stretch arms, stretch legs, palms facing up, feel comfortable). All of them are the simple one and you can try whenever you have spare time.  


Child pose

Achieving a slim, toned body with yoga is a dream of any women. Practicing yoga through regular postures and breathing techniques is a best way to accomplish that sweet dream. Yoga is also a perfect way to help “chubby girls” get back into shape. As gaining strength and increasing flexibility, you will notice your body become more sexy, more beauty and more toned. For a man, yoga will build your muscle, increase flexibility, prevent workout injuries, have better sex…


Sometimes the tough time is just at the beginning. If you can cross it, it will become easy. Sooner or later, you will get what you paid and it is worth it.

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