yoga basics everyone needs to know

Have you ever wondered some days you can perform difficult poses in yoga? But first, take an easy one.

Some basic poses every beginner should be known


Sukhasana – Easy pose

This is the first and basic pose that happens at the beginning or ending of every yoga’s class – Sukhasana pose
-   Sit down on the mat, cross your legs, place your feet directly below knees. Rest hands on the knees/lap with palm facing up
-   Hips down into the floor with head up, spine straight, feel comfortable, chests up, shoulders up.
-   Relax your face, your belly, your full body
-   Gently close your eyes and deep inhale, closely exhale
This pose helps relax your body as well as keep inner calm.


Cat pose

-   Down on your knees with straight arms. Make sure your knees are directly below your hips and wrists, elbows and shoulders should be a straight line
-   Head in a center, gently bow your head
-   Exhale: round your spine toward the ceiling, keep your shoulders and knees straight, head down, gently close eyes
-   Inhale: still keep knees and shoulders in a straight line, head up, your belly toward the floor, gently open eyes
This pose helps to stretch your spine and neck, it also massages to your spine and belly.

Belly twist

-   Lying on the mat with ease pose to calm your mind. After that, bring your arms outside the mat with palm facing up. Bench both knees into the chest
-   Drop both knees on the left side, head turn into right side, look at the right, twisting the spine and belly to the right side, keep inhale and exhale as usual (keep in 6-10 breaths)
-   To release: inhale and roll the hips back to the center
-   Reverse, drop both knees on the right side, head turn into left side, look at the left, twisting the spine and belly to the left side, keep inhale and exhale as usual (keep in 6-10 breaths)
Belly twist is a pose at the end of yoga’s sessions to stretch all your body from back, spine, muscle to your belly, your other parts of the body. It also lengthens the spine, hydrates your spinal disks and calm your mind as well.


 Child pose

Everyone needs a good resting pose after long time try to do difficult poses and child pose is one of the awesome poses. It is just not only for beginner but also for everybody.
-   Sit on your mat then bring your knees and feet together as your butt back to your heels, stretch your arms over your head.
-   Lower your forehead on the floor, try to put your chest onto the floor, gently close your eyes
-   Let your body releases. Inhale and exhale as usual
-   Hold this pose in 3 breaths (If you practice at home, you can hold as long as you wish).

Hope that some basic poses will provide the foundation about yoga’s knowledge to you. Let’s practice with us!

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