what to wear to bikram yoga?

Bikram yoga is the hottest yoga trend all over the world. Have you ever thought about what to wear to Bikram yoga? Is it suitable?


What to wear to Bikram Yoga?

When we mentioned about Bikram yoga, we saw heated classroom with sweaty bodies. If you are a new beginner, Bikram yoga might be scared you away. The thought of sweaty a lot in a heated room with movements can be turn you off immediately. But wait, this class for advance who has experience. You can see first and try later on. Choosing appropriate clothes is also important because it is Bikram yoga not traditional yoga. Here is what to wear to Bikram yoga.


What to wear to Bikram Yoga

Quite different to traditional yoga, Bikram yoga requires some differences about clothing. When you come to Bikram yoga – a superhot and humid class, buckets of sweat, you may think wear as short as possible. Less clothing can help you to perform poses well. When in doubt, we should figure it out what to wear to Bikram yoga.

Cotton maybe the first option for clothing because it is light and well absorption. But it is not, when you sweat, cotton can become wet and heavy as well. The recommendation here is look for an athletic fabric material. It helps you fell dry and more comfortable because it contains a small percentage of spandex for fit and comfort level. 

Wearing a sport bra can help you to stay cool and much more comfortable. You should choose a light, breathable tank top. This thing is important because it makes you fell ease when perform postures and feel more relaxed. A sheer tank top made from performance fabric will keep you comfortable even you sweat it out. Avoid oversize shirt because it is not only inconvenient but also get wet and heavy as well. 

The clothes you wear for traditional yoga is not appropriate with Bikram yoga. While you might love it and try to wear it to Bikram yoga but when your body sweat, you will feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. Instead of wearing pants for yoga you should look for pants for runner.  It is designed to wick away sweat. Especially when you are in tree pose, if your body sweat a lot and you are wearing a shorts, thighs will be slippery, your foot might be sliding away the surface of your legs and it also difficult to make a balance posture. It is really not good for your movement when practicing. 


The most comfortable clothes for Bikram yoga


What to wear to Bikram Yoga

Generally, yoga always practiced with barefoot and Bikram yoga does too. If you don’t want to practicing with barefoot you can grab a pair of socks which are designed to give you more support.

What to wear to Bikram yoga is just clothing that suitable to you. Actually, the most comfortable clothes for Bikram yoga which can help you to perform poses more easily as well as you can do yoga freely. One more thing I need to say is the best yoga clothes is not only comfortable but also durable, breathable is the best. Hope you can chose the best one fit for you!



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