understanding about health benefits of yoga

I am a human just like you. I have a lot of consciousness things to take care instead of meat or snack every day. When things overwhelmed, I got stuck and too much stress. Then I try yoga and realize…

    Yoga is the bridge between physical health and mind. There are a lot of poses that connect you and your body even a small one look like inhale and exhale. When you explore the full universe of yoga, you easily realize that yoga is not only a common exercise but also a lifestyle in our modern society.

                Yoga – bridge between mind and body

    Let’s talk about our private stuff a little bit. I don’t know what do you think but the majority of my thoughts are all of me. What am I look like, what am I wearing every day, which food I like the best, what I did yesterday, what am I going to do next day… A lot of things that I have to handle and solve. Individualism is all about myself and I do not care about everyone else. It means I am too selfish. When I try yoga, I realize that the more I think about myself, the less happy I am. We can say that yoga guides me how to live without obsession to the external things. The more I prioritize to help people around, the more peaceful I feel.
    Instead of Yoga can reduce stress and help us live better, yoga also makes me feel strong. Yoga improves my flexibility This is the most important and obvious benefit when I practice yoga. During your first class, neither can touch your toe with straight legs nor do a backbend. If I stick with those, I will loose and seem impossible to practice other postures. By the time I get older, my tissues will be loose moisture and less supple, easily to break. Yoga stretching will help me to slow down this process and also makes bones more flexibility.  When I try my best, I probably notice that all ache and pains start disappear and I can perform posture more easily. 

                    Improves flexibility

    One of the vital things that we know that we are still alive or not is breathing. I can’t tell you how many times I forget to breath. Maybe you can laugh at me and think what the hell if I do not breath but I am still alive. In fact, we considered breathing is the easiest things that we can do unconditionally but it is not.  Believe me or not, all of us drop our technique of breathing for long long time and we do not care about it. Do you know why you are easily to get disease or you cannot recover your health fast? It is all your breath. Do you know when and why your breath is shallow and how can make it deeper? It is really important to our lives. We should know exactly how to breathe right and try it. The more you connect to your breathe, the more you live longer and deeper. 

                         Breath – vital key for longer live

    Through a regular yoga practice day by day, yoga is not only increase flexibility, reduce stress, make us feel strong but also is a bridge to connect the different world: inner world – spiritual world and our world – body. From time to time, you might be surprised what yoga changes you.

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