top different yoga moves for relaxation

As people know about the benefits of doing Yoga, it helps us to have a good health, feel happy and the most important is enjoying every relaxing moments while you do yoga. So let’s have a look on top different Yoga poses for relaxation you need to know. 





You can do yoga anytime, anywhere you want, no matter how many poses you can do, just make sure that you do the right things and feel happy with it. 

The good time for you to do yoga is in the morning, which means easy for yourself out of bed and look like you do the exercises. To the midday, you just choose which type of yoga poses appeals to you most. 

One more thing that yoga practitioners should remember that is try to finish any particular yoga before you go to bed two or three hours because it can make you hard to sleep. 

So, these following yoga poses can help you move intuitively to stretch away tension from your busy working time into relaxation which can conduct you to a good night sleep.

To the beginners or people who practice Yoga for a long time, one of the popular yoga move for relaxing is begin with Downward Facing Dog.




Downward facing dog start with a full body stretch and it’s useful if only you’ve spent a lot of time sitting (on deck or on car). All you have to do is pedal your legs, stretch the hamstrings and do any movements that you feel like it gets into your tight areas. For example: you bend both knees and come up on your toes or plank, after that, you back to down dog move. Don’t forget to take several breaths and keep doing this around five time to settle into stillness. 

Next movement is triangle pose (or you can say Trikonasana) 




This move is practiced by stretch the tension out of your legs. All you have to do is keep your left foot stand and move your right foot forward. Then, turn your left foot parallel with the back and straighten both legs. To your hand, while you do this movement, your right hand can be on the floor or resting on your right shin and your left hand can be taken into your hip and use it to open before raising it up toward the ceiling. Next is step back to downward facing dog and repeat trikonasana with the left foot forward.  

After doing Trikonasana, the practicers can do the next yoga move which called Prasarita Padottanasana ( Standing Wide-Legged Forward Fold) 




With Prasarita Padottanasana, you just take any arms position that make you feel good. It includes hold onto your big toes, ankles or calves and then interlace your hands behind your back while keep straightening arms ( sometime you can put your hands to the floor) 

One more move in Yoga for relaxation is Garland pose ( Malasana) 




About this pose, you need to scoot your both foot toward the line middle of your body until they apart. Then, you turn your toes out and bend your knees to a squat position. If you find that it’s hard to do squat, there have few options for you like:
-    Rolling up a blanket and putting it under your heels.
-    Sliding a block under your butt to sit on. 


If you want to get into the hip creases more, let’s rock from side to side and bring your weight into first foot and then you change to the other. 

There have many Yoga moves to make you feel relaxing after a working day. Let’s choose which one is good for you and try to do this at home or you can go to the yoga center to practice in order to do it in right way and get a better life for yourself.

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