safety tips for yoga pregnant women

Practicing Yoga regularly is a way to maintain good health and prevent us from illness. However, if all of guys, especially pregnant women do not perform the correct exercises correctly or for too long, it can cause common injuries such as dislocations, pain, mild to severe sprains which cause the parts of the body such as the knees, wrists, shoulders, and lower back are hurt. So we have some safety tips for Yoga pregnant women below.



1.    What is Yoga?

Yoga is a method of training through which the person can prevent, repel sickness, improve health and develop intellect.
Yoga one of the most effective and effective forms of exercise, requires a high level of mental concentration. When exercising properly and focusing on the breath, Yoga can help increase flexibility, muscles, stamina and mental clarity.

2.    The pregnants get the benefits of doing Yoga



Before reaching to the safety tips for Yoga pregnant women, doing Yoga Yoga has many great benefits for moms that little one knows. Here are 12 benefits of yoga for pregnant women.

•    Smooth movements in yoga help improve blood circulation and anti-edema.

•    Yoga is a great relaxing therapy for pregnant women, dispelling stress, tired effect to improve sleep for pregnant women.

•    Yoga helps the body to remove harmful toxins out, not only that yoga is good for the digestive system, help mother eat delicious food, constipation, dyspeptic dyspnea during pregnancy.

•    Yoga is one of many ways to promote yoga and yoga.

•    Yoga is a good therapy, helps mothers choose the right balance of blood sugar, anti diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy.

•    Yoga with moderate breathing exercises helps mother relax well just for memory, help her balance life, avoid stress and decline memory.

•    Yoga helps mother form the habit of walking and sitting properly, avoid harm to baby during pregnancy.

•    Regular yoga exercises during pregnancy will help stretch the ligaments in the pelvic area and in the legs to help prevent cramping and reduce the pain caused by uterine contractions during pregnancy and labor.

•    Yoga helps mother to balance body, reduce morning sickness, nausea during pregnancy and good for mother's birth later.

•    Yoga mothers, will reduce many complications in pregnancy such as premature babies, miscarriage and baby birth will be stronger and faster.

•    Yoga helps the mother to balance hormones in the body, thus avoiding problems during pregnancy such as weight loss, mood swings, skin pigment changes.

•    Yoga gives the mother good health, helps her control weight, promotes health and endurance, good for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

3.    Safety tips for Yoga pregnant women



•    As a pregnant, you should do yoga after the first trimester of pregnancy, at which time the body is adapted to change during pregnancy and the pregnancy is reversed, the mother's health is more stable.

•    Pregnancy yoga classes are better for pregnant mothers. Because the instructors will have more experience and will easily support the mothers during the practice. Being properly instructed in body movements is essential for pregnant women who are involved in yoga.

•    Regular exercise every 30 minutes is better than just exercising once a day. This avoids the overwhelming but still ensures the body is moving regularly.

•    Mother should not be impatient when the new practice. Simple and gentle movements are best suited to beginners. Mothers should also practice very carefully. Ligaments can be loose as well as mothers can face muscle strain if the movements are too strong, hard and too many times.

•    Especially to the fourth month of pregnancy, the back lying on the mat for quite a long time should not be done. Since the supine position can put pressure on your vagina.

•    With movements that make your abdominal muscles tense, skip it. Hormonal changes make your muscles weaker. Therefore, the twisting movements can cause your body to hurt.

•    As one of the safety tips for Yoga pregnant women, if you are still practicing yoga for the last 3 months of pregnancy, do not hold a pose for more than a minute at this time. Also make sure you do not try to stretch your legs too high to do any work. This pressure will make both fetus and mother feel uncomfortable.

•    If you feel tired then immediately stop. Switching between positions should also be time-consuming if you feel a little out of breath.

•    You should allow your body to rest about 5 minutes after completing the yoga exercises. Do not eat or drink after about 15 minutes of exercise. With solid foods, you should only eat 30 minutes later.

•    Do not practice other exercises immediately after yoga. Even if it is a yoga class, it is not recommended for moms to practice. An increase in temperature can be dangerous for mothers.

•    Finally, massage after the exercise if you feel pain.

Yoga pregnant women is a method that not only helps pregnant women and fetuses but also have the best physical and mental development and also helps pregnant women get through easily and quickly. However, please attract to safety tips for Yoga pregnant women above to keep mom and  fetuse healthy and safety.

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