introducing about ashtana yoga

Mentioning about the physically demanding practice of Yoga, it has to focus on Ashtana Yoga, which is great for building core strength and toning your body.

To make yoga practitioners know more what Ashtana Yoga is about. It’s a highly structured vinyasa-style class, There have a lot of series and each of you have to control every poses one by one before moving up to the next one. 

From the past, Ashtana Yoga came to the west through students of Sri Pattabi Jois, who established his yoga center in Mysore, India. 
The benefits of people who do Ashtana Yoga are they can get fitness and sweat, flexibility, strength and balance, mind and spirituality and flow. 

( Video of the first Ashtana Yoga class was teaching by Pattabi Jois)

The purpose of  Ashtana Yoga through moving quickly and powerfully your body and mind, they will be predicated. Besides that, the yoga practitioners will get many of tapas and everything extra such as physical and mental. You are forced to focus and frown to increase this practice.
After finishing all the series of Ashtana Yoga, you will have skill on stress management, inner space and flexibility. 
About the series in Ashtana Yoga. there have lots of postures to do that suitable for all levels. It not for muscles nor youthful countenance. it’s your ability to use this ancient technique to connect to the deepest and most powerful part of yourself in finding lasting peace. Here is the list of popular postures you might have to see in

Ashtana Yoga class:

•    Vinyasa: Jump back and through workout
•    Opening: One important thing in practice Ashtana yoga is to learn the Opening Mantra. 
•    Ashtana practice: It’s every poses included in the primary series in a traditional yoga. 
•    Sun salutation A: You will get into cultivating the inner fire of purification by the first portion. 
•    Sun salutation B: After finishing sun salutation A, you will move up to the sun salutation B which continues the theme of awakening the solar fire . 
•    Standing postures: Complete both sun salutations, the yoga practitioners will change to the most healing postures in the yoga postures. 
•    Balancing postures: These postures are used to test for all above postured that you’ve practiced. It’s also called the first real challenge. 
•    Warrior postures ( Utkatasana): It’s an  important part of the series which help you activate your pelvic floor and combine the work with the legs. 
•    Jump back and through ( Vinyasa): You will feel your body is permanently glued to the ground.
•    Seated postures: It’s how the powerful work of strength integrated with deep flexibility by leading your breath tie each of the pose. 
•    Marichyasana Sequence: It’s very challenge to the yoga practitioners and seem to important group of four seated postures. 
•    The grand crescendo: It’s the true gateway postures of the series-our midsection and test so many aspects from your yoga progressing practice.
•    Down the mountain: This second portion of the series involves an emotion that allow people to get deep into the interior space of the pelvic floor. 
•    Backbends: This is a huge part of the emotional journey that you have dedicated yourself. 
•    Closing mantra: It’s a chant for peace, not only for yourself but also for the whole world. 
•    Closing postures: This closing postures help you intergrate every part of your body. 

Follow these postures every time you practice Ashtana Yoga, a purifying sweat and even deep breathing will be developed. A particular athletic and demanding styles, Ashtana yoga is a great way if you’re looking to challenge your stamina, strength and flexibility. 

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