how to lose weight through yoga?

Regular exercise can help you to lose weight, yoga does well. A yoga session for 90 mins can help to burn fat, it means you can lose weight through yoga.


As we all heard many times “the more you sweat, the more weight you can lose”. Sweating means your body is burning fat as well as detoxify poison out of your body through water. An active yoga is not only to help you get fit but also it is the way to activate all of your organs inside. It is also release tension, reduce stress and creates the feel of happiness as well.


Lose weight through yoga is the best because it is not require any gym equipments as well as other stuffs. Yoga is only need a mat and your own body weight. Your main goal is lose weight through yoga need harmonized of 2 factors practicing yoga regularly and your diet plan (healthy diet plan). Losing weight is a long term process need your commitment as well as your best effort to do the best. Yoga is not a magic thing can turn you from the big woman into slim fit woman. Everything needs a process and you should follow with this process. Your plan’s of lose weight through yoga need you to practice yoga more than usual. Take a closer example, you practice 2 -3 times per week, it may take very long time for you to achieve your goal, you should practice yoga regularly up to 5 -6 times per week. But be careful, do not push yourself too much. Just practice if it suit with your physical health.


During the 90 mins of session, all your flexibility, strength as well as your heart rate are increased and through that your body will burn fat and lose weight as well. Deep breathing control with asanas will heat you up from inside in order to flush out toxin by sweating. It is really a great physical workout.

This is about lose weight through yoga in yoga point of view. How about science’s angle about losing weight? Weight loss happens when your calories that you consumed for per day is less than the calories that you burn out through daily activities (exercises like walking, jogging, running, gyming, cardio, and yoga, of course). You should increase your movement through exercise and you will burn more calories in order to lose weight.


How many calories that you can burn per day based on the tension of your workout program. Take a closer example such as a woman who weighs 155 pounds after attending yoga session can burn around 298 kcal - it is for the beginner class ; hatha class. Next time, she attend to high advance class which is Ashtanga, she burns out more than 573 kcal in the same time - 90 mins. As you can see the result, the more tension of the class she attend, the more calories she can burn out.

Bear in your mind that, lose weight incorporates with many factors such as daily workout, healthy meals, keep your fresh mind , be happy with yourself, eat in control ...Losing weight is a journey to overcome your challenge - yourself.  Lose weight through yoga is a journey too. When you get fit, you will see how strong you are and how happy you are as well.


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