how to clean a yoga mat?

How to clean a yoga mat?

Yoga mat is a thing to mark your space in yoga class and you should keep it clean but not anyone knows how to clean a yoga mat in proper way.

Yoga mat is a close friend who practice yoga.  We can say a yoga mat is such as a sacred temple for every practitioner. You - the practitioners are the only one can step on it, sit on it and respect it as your soulmate. This is the spiritual way of thinking. 

How about in practical way?

 When you balance, bend, postures and try to practice some poses such as child pose, low plank or downward facing dog… have you ever smelled something? You use a yoga mat regularly and it all covers your dirt, oils and plenty of sweat, of course and you should keep it clean in order to keep your mat prolong time for using and keep your healthy as well. In this article, we will discuss about how to clean a yoga mat in a proper way.

As we all know, there are many differences in material compositions may impact on yoga’s practice. You need to feel balance as well as comfortable when practice, this is why choosing a good and suit yoga mat is considered as a big matter for yoga practitioners. 

They are some kind of materials for yoga mat such as : PVC, foam, rubber, cotton… and each of them have different ways to make it clean. Here are some way to clean a yoga mat.

You have to clean a yoga mat at least weekly. Yes, I mean weekly if you do have time. If you practice yoga daily outside or you sweat a lot then you think that you have to wipe down every session and sooner, it gets dirty. If you clean a yoga mat daily, it is good for your hygiene and you can use your mat for long time.

Do not use too much soap. Soap is made from artificial ingredient. It is not good for your mat’s cover and it is easily to absorb inside your mat and may damage your mat as well. Instead of using soap, how about using naturally cleansing material such as vinegar and plain water? 

Do not pull water directly on a mat. You should use a towel instead. Pull little vinegar into your towel and clean both sides of your yoga mat and using plain water for the last step to clean a yoga mat as well.

Do not let your yoga mat directly sunbathe.

 Try to put your mat directly under sun is quite a good idea because it helps to dry your mat quickly and even can destroy bacteria as well. But it is not. Definitely not. Because directly hang mat under sun may damage the structure of yoga mat and make it change into something is not good for your help. Moreover, your mat will crumble up and get nasty on you. Of course, you do not want it, right?

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