how often should you do yoga?

How often should you do yoga is the popular question for most of the beginners. To answer it, just have a look at what you want to achieve.

If you are a yoga beginner who wants to practice yoga as a true yogi, the very first question appear in your mind to consider is do you have a yoga teacher to help?


To do everything from the beginning, we all need the one who expert or senior on that field that knows all our individual circumstances, personality, faults and give us some useful advice such as how often should you do yoga or what yoga poses should you do if you want to get better?

The reason why you should consider these questions because you don't have any more free time to do exercises or whatever you want during your busy working day. You start a day by eating breakfast quickly in order to get to the workplace in time and end of with back home late with tired mind and body. 

So how often should you do yoga to help you refresh yourself and charge your energy to prepare for a day after?


To some people, although they have to work all day with their reasoning in time management, they still have time to come to a yoga class to practice yoga. But the number of that day is not too much because the ideal time on how often should you do yoga is six hours a day.

Whatever you are interested in under the types of yoga like Pranayama, asana, kriyas or even meditation), it is encouraged on how often should you do yoga is every day or at least a regular basis. 

In the very popular book for yoga practitioners, it is shown that taking 10,000 hours of practice yoga to become an expert. That means the yoga practitioners even spend 12 hours a week, for example, that adds up to only 624 hours a year ( take over 16 years to be an expert in yoga). Therefore, do not surprise on spending a lot of time with the hope to master it but sometimes you feel like an amateur.

Practicing yoga is the hope to relax, you do it to make you feel fresh and do not hope to become an expert. By doing this with the suitable on how often should you do yoga, you can get the better health as well as the mind-refreshed.


Doing yoga better if you make it daily and according to the time, it has a time slots for practitioners to do yoga.

➤ In the morning: About how often should you do yoga, practice yoga at this time is the best time of the day with fresh-air and quietly environment that make you easy to focus and awake your senses, body, energy and boost metabolism as well as provide the best workout. In addition, doing yoga in the morning is a fasting stomach which is good for meditation.

➤ Late afternoon: To the people that cannot practice yoga in the morning, this time still having some advantage points such as you have the best physique and the empty stomach will be beneficial for your diaphragmatic breathing.

➤ In the evening: This is the second ideal time in practicing yoga in a day or how often should you do yoga, practice yoga in the evening help the mind to feel more comfortable, prevent tiredness and allow you to take a deeper sleep.


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