how many calories burned after doing yoga?

One of the benefits from doing yoga is weight-losing, so how many calories does yoga burn?

We’re living in a world that exercises, in general, and yoga, in particular is the most popular and interesting activities in our daily life. It means there have a lot of ideas about which ones is the best or how to do yoga for personal purposes. 

According to the surveys on what is the most demand from the participants on practicing yoga, how many calories does yoga burn is the most concern from them. It is shown on the way they lose their weight by doing yoga to get a fit body.


Nowadays lifestyle carrying excess weight is becoming the norm rather than the exception. It is shown on the ratio of people diet is increasingly day by day.

People now prefer enjoying modernize lifestyle by technical devices that allowed them to do everything easily. For example, children love watching television more than playing with friends or fast-food and beverage are being used everyday even though the bad influence on kids’ health.

It necessary to find out on how many calories does yoga burn or by doing any exercises to make them more active and get a better health.


With yoga, it is a discipline progress which designed to make the participants’ body become stronger , more flexible and enhance the overall health of the digestive system and circulatory systems. By practicing yoga, how many calories does yoga burn is not a matter because it also give you strong spiritual benefits that impact to all aspects to yourself and lead to emotional stability.

Yoga focus on the way you take a deep breath to relax your mind and so some poses to stretch out your body parts. When you do yoga, how many calories does yoga burn and how your mind is relaxed depends on the yoga poses you’ve chosen, but it will give you the good result that make you pleased.


With other exercises, you can get your body stronger and might let you to the weight you want by many ways. For example, if you do workout or some cardio postures in gymnastics, it quite hard but it’s allowed you to lose 500-1,000 calories per hours. And to the exercise that you can combine both stretch and meditate to relax your mind, how many calories does yoga burn per hours? 

Although the result is not as much as workout or cardio, yoga just burn 350 calories per practicing hours but it helps the practitioners release the toxins inside your body with sweat.

In addition, if you have time and skills enough, it’s better if you combine practicing yoga and doing some other exercises together, it can make you both fitter and healthier. It show through the temptation of snacking between your meals which is learned as suppression impulse that we think of when you got starving.

Not only how many calories does yoga burn, but also how much bad energy in the body are released, you can get yourself to the better life and enjoy every moments you live. So, do not hesitate to begin practicing one of the most amazing exercise ever- Yoga and you will see how much benefits from this can change your personality in a positive way.  


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