what are benefits of hot yoga?

According to many people, sweat come out from body for an hour in hot yoga has a lot benefits. Is it true? What are benefits of hot yoga?

As you can imagine a heated classroom with high temperature around 100 - 105F with sweaty bodies in hot yoga class may scared you out. But wait, sweating in any cases is good for your physical body. It means hot yoga has many benefits. Instead of sweating may relax you, make you feel strong, it even helps you to detoxify your body.

Burn fat

Benefits of hot yoga includes burn fat, boost metabolism as well as to release stress, increase flexibility, detoxify your body and good for your skin. People passionate about hot yoga especially the women who are obsess about weight loss because it is gonna help you to get fit. It offers cardio, flexibility as well as strengthen your body to burn out more calories. The heat of classroom harmonizes with the warmth of your body allow to body move more freely from asanas. With a warm body, you can twist, bend and stretch even further move which allows to massage all internal organs.


What are benefits of hot yoga

Hot yoga is also increases your heart rates and breathing rates through the heat of yoga session and tension of postures to get your muscles move and burns more calories. It directly engages your metabolism. By improving digestion and circulation as well as lean your muscle mass, hot yoga is a great way to help increase your metabolism. Hot yoga poses focus on the core to help all internal organs function properly. Deep inhale and slowly exhale during hot yoga can improve blood circulation which mean help your metabolism working properly.



One of benefits of hot yoga is release stress and promote connection between physical body and mind. Practicing hot yoga requires you to put more effort, push even further more than traditional yoga. Exceed your edge and out of comfort zone, you will achieve miracle things. If you can stay calm and focused in hot yoga, you can stay calm and focused everywhere in whatever situations.

What are benefits of hot yoga

With the combination of heat and humidity of hot yoga, it allows your body to safety stretch, even stretch deeper and longer than possible compare to traditional one. Hot yoga has increase your body’s flexibility as well as strength while working toward inner peace and calm down your mind.

To get rid of toxins of your body

Sweating in hot yoga helps you to get rid of toxins of your body. When you improve your fitness, you intense to work out more, which can make you sweat more. If you sweat more means you do lose toxins as well. 

Your sweaty body also has benefits for your skin. Your skin will glow and surely it can detoxify the pores. For some women, they sometimes get problem with acne, especially with women who have oily skin. Through breathing technique as well as postures which increase blood supply, can help achieve clean, naturally glowing skin. 


What are benefits of hot yoga

We cannot deny the benefits of hot yoga. But talk some precautions as well. Keep your body hydrated during and after your practice. Wear breathable clothing which allow to your skin breath and make you feel more comfortable.  Despite of the benefits of hot yoga, rest and stop immediately if you have any symptoms such as heat exhaustion, dizziness, headache, nauseas…

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