yoga poses for obese beginners

Yoga poses for obese beginners is a collection of poses that suit with new obesity person.You can do it today and do it now by starting your physical workout as well as increase your mental thinking with our collection.

Take a tour around internet, you might be think that yoga is only for slim fit woman and yoga is just about twisting as well as doing downward facing dog on a beach.

Yoga is only for beautiful girls who have fit body in order to pose gorgeous pictures as well. Well, it is not true, totally not true. The truth is further more than that. Yoga is for everyone especially for obesity people. Yoga is a physical practice for everyone regardless your age, your gender, your weight, your shape and all the beginner poses can fit with anyone who want to workout with yoga. Whether you are a new one with 200 pounds or 250 pounds, there have many yoga poses for obese beginners as well.


Here are some yoga poses for obese beginners as well. The first posture is chair pose. This is the easiest and the most basic pose for overweight people. One special things for obesity people that they can not stand or get down on the floor for a long time, that is why chair pose is the most comfortable posture for overweight. In mountain pose with feet on the floor ,hips width apart, inhale and raise your arms up parallel with the floor with palms facing down. 

Exhale and bend the knees in squat position. Hips down toward to the walls. Do not bring your hips lower than your knees. I know if you are overweight, you can not stand in this position in 8 counts, just try it as much as you can can. If your knees can not stand anymore, you can bend your knees not too much but not straight.

Half moon pose is one of yoga poses for obese beginners as well. This is really great for obesity person in order to strengthen your legs, ankles, glute, spine as well as your main core - abs. It is also increase your flexibility and release your stress. Let’s get start with standing at a top of your mat. Bring your right foot back with low lunge. Lift up your right foot as well as your right arm toward the ceiling as well. 

Make sure that your left leg is strong enough in order to lift up your body weight. Rotate your right hip back and your hips should parallel with the floor. Stay there for 8 counts and change other sides. Slowly come out and repeat the same for left leg with left arm as well. As I mentioned above, you should try to hold this pose as much as possible maybe in 5 counts.


The other yoga poses for obese beginners is corpse pose. This pose in order to calm down your mind as well as lower high blood pressure. Lying down on a mat with feet spread, hands from your sides with palms up. Ease yourself with most comfortable posture. Let ‘s your thighs, knees and toes relaxed as well. Closely closed your eyes and focus on breathing.

The best way for weight loss through yoga poses for obese beginners and your diet plan as well. When you have a good combination of those things, you will get fit so soon as you can immagine.


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