how to improve your health by yoga poses for beginners standing?

According to recent researches show the very surprising result that Standing 3 hours a day is good for your health as well as 10-miles marathon.

Yoga poses for beginners standing is good way to get a better healthYoga poses for beginners standing is good way to get a better health

Most of them usually spent time to go to gym and do exercises, workout or running practice to make their health stronger. It’s good but necessary in a busy lifetime nowadays?

People begin a day with getting up and have a breakfast, after that, a whole time is spent for working, studying or doing something that you need to do. Your free time, therefore, is just a few minute in the evening, maybe.

Although fitness is good for  your health but it’s impractical and can be difficult for many people to follow training guidelines.

A suggestion to anyone that it’s better done in half an hour a day and repeat it 5 days/week with the suitable intensity to practitioners. But some healthy experts said that, it’s just about 7% of men and 4%  o women follow to this advice. They practice so hard without knowing that the guidelines is good for their health, even the simplest form of exercises is yoga pose for beginners standing.

Just simple yoga for beginners standing can help you betterJust simple yoga for beginners standing can help you better

When you do yoga poses for beginners standing, in general, you use all the small muscles in the legs and the rest from your body to keep yourself upright. If you do some yoga poses for beginners standing in about 3 hours a day regularly, it will be equivalent to running 10 marathons.

A lot of people think that practicing standing is meaningless and this is completely wrong. Yoga poses for beginners, at first, will improve your health, reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer , lower cholesterol and you lose weight easily. Then, you do yoga means you’ll see the bright of your life. Yoga brings your mind the relaxation, keep you calm by breathing-control. It’s not to much to say that practice yoga poses for beginners standing is the most useful way to make you happier and enjoy your life completely.

This is not to blame which one (yoga or fitness) is better. It aimed at people have enough time to refresh themselves. Doing yoga poses for beginners standing can be done anytime, anywhere because it’s part of your daily life’s actions that is very simple to do. By doing fitness, it’s better when you go to gymnastics with the modern equipment and sometimes, a support from your instructor or mate are needed to improve your body with the hard postures.

Some useful yoga poses for beginners standing will be shown as below:

High lunge pose: you just step your right foot forward into a high huge and lower your left knee to the ground. An important point of this pose is you have to make sure that your right knee is directly over your ankles. Then, just feel it and maybe you can put up your hands to the sky as you sink lower into your lounge.

high lunge posehigh lunge pose

Forward fold pose: With this yoga poses for beginners standing, you need to put your hands on your hips and fold over your legs slowly with your feet hip-width distance apart.

forward fold poseforward fold pose

Warrior pose: All you have to with this yoga poses for beginners standing is step your left foot far-away from the other about three or four feet back and turn the foot out to 90o. Then, you raise your arms parallel to the floor with your palm facing down.

warrior posewarrior pose

It takes no longer to practice yoga poses for beginners standing. You can do it at anytime, anywhere and just do it in about few minutes, all you’ve got is feeling more energized and prepared for whatever comes to you.


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