yoga poses for beginners for back pain

Yoga poses for beginners for back pain is not only focus on reduce back pain but also encourages your body to strengthen your abdominal, shoulders and hips. There are the main core strength. When your mains are good, they improve your postures as well as reduce tension on your back, thus reduce aches and back pain as well.

Yoga is the best way to reduce some common health problems especially disease related to bone such as back pain, lower back pain, achy back…


You try many ways to cure back pain and none of them has positive effects because of variety reasons. Drinking too much medicine, go to hospital for acupuncture or the worst scene that you have to make a surgery are some options. Give yoga a chance. Maybe yoga can help you to reduce your back pain. Numerous case studies prove that practicing yoga poses can help you reduce back pain as well as relieve back aching and improve their functions.

Back pain is a common health problems that everyone has at least one time in their life. It happens regardless your age, gender. Some common causes back pain such as lifting heavy stuffs, put too much stress on your spine, injuries from sport especially sport requires twisting too much. The most reason is that poor postures over time, maybe when we watching tv, sitting at desk job for long time in wrong postures.


Yoga for back pain will release your back, your spine, your muscle through yoga poses and sequences. Yoga poses for beginners for back pain may help you to avoid drinking medicine for pain relieve. While it is not a good one to treat severe back pain like other medication method but it is still a choice in order to help lengthen your spine, reduce back pain as well as strengthen your muscle and the most important thing is that through yoga for back pain, it will return your back in the right alignment.

Here are some postures of yoga poses for beginners for back pain especially for beginners. The first one I want to mentioned is downward facing dog. This pose is gonna stretch for your whole body as well as strengthen your spine, your back. It is also stretch your hamstrings in order to help you form your lower back, support your spine and build your strong cores as well.


Pigeon pose is another great yoga for back pain. This pose is quite challenge with beginners. It is gonna to stretch your hips and flexors. Tight hips may lead to back pain, so practicing your hips is one of the way to reduce back pain as well.

Upward facing dog is one of the postures of yoga poses for beginners for back pain. This pose will stretch and engaged all key muscles of entire body. It is also to open up your chest and stretch your main core - abdominal as well. Moreover, this pose engages your back in order to strengthen your spine as well.

Through those postures belong to yoga poses for beginners for back pain, i hope that you have idea about how yoga can help you to reduce back pain as well as lower your heart rate, improve sleep and reduce stress.


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