yoga poses for beginner with names and pictures

Everything need a new start. So yoga does. You need to practice to gain many benefits from it. Here are some yoga poses for beginner with names and pictures.

We collect all yoga poses for beginner with names and pictures in order to help beginners have overview about yoga postures (asanas).

Seated forward bend is also great for yoga poses for beginners. Because this pose helps you to stretch your hamstring, lower and upper back will be improved as well.For beginners, maybe their entire body are so stiff and it is very difficult for them to bend over. If you suffer any sharp pain or you cannot push harder, please back off and stop immediately. It is also increase flexibility as well as boost your metabolism.. 

How about if you just feel a little bit of tension? Just keep trying more until you cannot fold forward anymore. Keep breath as usual. I saw many people they hold their breath when they felt hurt. It is not good. You should deep inhale and slowly exhale as usual. Seated with your legs parallel, feet firmly flex. Lift your chest and try to pull chest touch to your thighs as well. Engage your lower abdominal moving forward to your thighs.


Foot to fingers or big toe pose belongs to yoga poses for beginners for flexibility, relieve stress, anxiety. It is also stretch the hamstring and calves as well. Standing on a mat with feet width apart. Inhale, hands to your hips. Exhale, bend forward, your chest should touch to your thighs. If you have problems with lower back, you should bend your knees. If your hands can touch the floor, wraps both your big toes. Inhale, flatten your lower back with straight legs, straight arms, open your chest, shoulders down along to the spine, look forward. 

Exhale, release into forward bend. Maintaining and holding for  15-20 seconds. Keep breathing as usual. For beginners, when you are forward bend, maybe your spine is not flexible for hands touch to floor, you should bend your knees in order to protect your lower back. If you can’t hold your toes, you can use a towel to tied up your feet and your arms as well.


Downward facing dog is one of yoga poses for beginners as well. Just lift your hips up towards the ceilings . It is used for stretch and strengthens all your body as well. Look like you are crawling but hips up like a mountain. Your knees should be below your hips and your hands forward your shoulders as well. Your arms are straight, press hips up and the back lying down on the floor toward thighs. Spread both palms. 

Stretch your hands more forward ,all your body make a shape of A letter, shoulders away from ears. Feet should be width apart, knees slightly bent. Keep inhale and exhale. Don’t hold breath. This pose in order to help your entire body increase flexibility, stretch your back, open the chest and build body strength as well.


I hope that through some yoga poses for beginner with names and pictures you have a clear imagine about how to perform yoga postures.


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