top yoga pose for beginners for weight loss

Yoga is one of the best method to help you for weight loss especially for beginners. Here are some top yoga pose for beginners for weight loss.

Instead of weight loss, yoga can help you increase flexibility, tone your body, build endurance and calm down your mind as well. A person who practice yoga will maintain a good health with fresh mind. Practicing yoga is a progress. Through your practice, you will see your body and your mind dramatically change especially for people who want to weight loss. I will share with you some yoga pose for beginners for weight loss as well.

Yoga acts like other workouts, it is gonna burn your calories to help you get fit. The idea of losing weight is quite simple: the total calories that you consumed per day must be less than the calories burn through daily activities such as walking, jogging or exercise. When you achieve that, you will definitely lost weight as well. Be careful, the calories intake should not below 1200 kcal per day for women and 1800 kcal per day for men.

Warrior I is the top yoga pose for beginners for weight loss. First, we stand up at the top of a mat in mountain pose with feet hip width apart, hands in your both sides. Take a big step with your left leg back. The ankle should be 70-90 degrees and straighten your back leg as well. After that, reach both your arms overhead and keep your entire body toward the wall. Your shoulders should be relaxed. Keep breathing as usual. Hold this posture for 8 counts and switch to other sides. This pose in order to burn calories, lose belly fat and tone your muscles as well.


Mountain pose is one of yoga pose for beginners for weight loss. You can start with standing with a straight spine, big toes touching each other, feet down to the earth. The weight of body shared into 4 corners of your feet. Breath steadily and control your breath. The next extension to the spin and your chin slightly bow. The shoulders relaxed, grab your both palms together, palms are put at the center of your chest look like you are praying with close your eyes gently. Deep inhale, slowly exhale. Keep breath as usual. Mountain pose is the basic yoga pose for beginners at home. It brings some benefits such as calm down your mind, reduce stress, improve posture as well as strengthens your knees, ankles…

Low Plank pose or we named it as four limbed staff pose. Hold this pose is the best way to strengthen your core. This pose need us to use all of energy of body to keep balance. This pose is not only tones your arms but also strengthens your triceps and bicep. You need to stay off the ground to supporting your body, your hand and keep your core as well..Start in plank pose with straight arms, straight legs,. 

Hands under your elbows and elbows under your shoulders as well. Bend your arms with elbows toward to the wall, hips up. Keep in there for 8 counts. Breathing as usual, keep core engaged. Low plank is also yoga pose for beginners for weight loss. Do not perform this pose if you are suffer shoulder, wrists or hips injuries. It is a great yoga pose for beginners for weight loss as well.

yoga-pose-for-beginners-for-weight-lossSome tips for you for avoiding getting fat again is avoid eating too much, eat in small dish, exercise daily and keep good habits as well.


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