supine yoga poses for beginners you should know

Yoga is the way you relax your mind as well as strength your body. One of the most popular poses is lie down at the end. Let’s find out on how to do supine yoga poses for beginners in the right way?


Yoga is has variety ways to do. It can be some movements like a squat or cardio in the gymnastics ( Bikram yoga) or the poses with let you have to do nothing but sitting down and try to control your breath as a meditation ( Hatha yoga). These poses have much different movements but it still have the same pose at the end of the yoga course, which you lie down on the mat and relax, or you can say there’re supine yoga poses for beginners.



At first, it seems simple even you’re a yoga beginner. But in fact, there also have many kind of supine yoga poses for beginners you haven’t ever known before.


Supine yoga poses for beginners, which have to be done by lying flat on your back with the face up, are versatile. It help you, as a yogi, calm and accessible to all or just let you relax after a chain if yoga poses you’ve done.


To everybody who practice yoga, from basic to advanced level, supine yoga poses for beginners are suitable for all. Besides that, it also a great option for those who have difficulties standing for a long periods of time.


One of the benefits that recognized by practice supine yoga poses for beginners, for example, is to therapy your injury. According to the recent researches, laying position can relieve the force of gravity against the joints and become a perfect choice to stay fit.


Supine Yoga Poses For Beginners: Double Legs Raise Pose (Uttanpadasana)

Here an instruction on how to do it? you lie flat on your back and put your ankles together, your arms at your side with your facing-down palm. Relax a little bit and inhale and lengthen your spine. After inhaling, you know need to exhale as you lift your legs simultaneously and you can raise both legs up to a 45o or 90o angle. Remember, while you do this pose, let’s try to control your breathing and repeat each poses with five breaths.



Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

Here an instruction on how to do it? Like a double leg raise pose, you begin with lie flat on your back with your arms outward and out your facing-upward palm. Let your feet as the heels and put it together close to a pelvic area. Then breath, relax and how do you know that you do it correct? It’s the way you feel comfortable and the power gravity gently lower your knees toward the ground.



Reclining Bound Angle


Corpse Pose

This is the most popular which easy to find when you attend to a yoga class. To do this , just lying down on the mat with your face up and strengthen both legs and arms. Relax all of your body part with closing your eyes. This ease supine yoga poses for beginners can help you release all tension from muscles, organ, pore, molecule and do it as long as you can.




Thanks to the restorative qualities to anyone, supine yoga poses for beginners can be practiced by people who love yoga and  want to find for themselves the relaxation after a stressful day of working or studying. Hope these instructions above can help you improve your yoga for beginners to get it better.


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