power yoga poses for beginners

Most of them think that yoga is just for meditation and relaxation. But it also help you in improving your body parts by some power yoga poses for beginners.


As you know, practicing yoga can help you relax from stressful which focus on the way you control and take the deep breath. In general, practicing yoga doesn’t need you to do some fast and hard movements to achieve the benefits.

However, yoga is variety with different benefits that based on which types of yoga poses you choose. To someone, they want to stretch their arms, legs,... or want to make their body become more flexible, yoga can adapt it all. It’s the reason why there have power yoga poses for beginners to help you in improving your health and muscles.

The power yoga poses for beginners are perfect for people who want not only boosting their metabolism to promote losing their weight, but also a great mix between strengthening and lengthening postures which increase your body’s flexibility. All the yoga practitioners need to do is target their entire body from glutes to the shoulders, the power yoga poses for beginners will leave you feel re-energized and ready to take on the day.

Let’s turn to the purpose from each of power yoga poses for beginners. Depending on what you want to get after practicing yoga, power yoga for upper body workout can let you have a fit body or you can take an easy workout yoga for lose weight. There is no doubt that power yoga need a lot of time to do and practice everyday because we want to build strength, we need to allot a few hours for ourselves. By these reasons, here are some easy and basic power yoga poses for beginners and you have to remember that, let’s do these in the best way you can.

Cat With Arms Movements

In this power yoga poses for beginners, you start with the cat pose that using all your fours and your hands should be put width apart to your shoulders and spine straight. Then, life you right hands towards the ceiling and bring it down slowly. Things you should focus more are inhalation and exhalation. The moment you lift yourself, do inhale and while you put down your hand lower, do exhale and repeat this pose for 10-20 times for both sides.


Downward Facing Dog To Upwards Facing Dog

It’s one of the most popular yoga postures. But when you do it in power yoga, there are some different points you should know. Starting by exhaling to come to the downward- facing dog position, as usual. After that, you inhale the same time with coming to the upward facing-dog position and make sure your chest is expanding. Let’s do this movement from 10 to 20 times in 10 seconds and relax if it’s done in staying in the up dog position.


Downward To Dog Plank Position

With that name, you can imagine easily it’s combination between downward and plank positions. To do this pose, first thing is starting with the downward dog position while taking some time to adjust your downward dog pose. Next , you exhale and lift your right leg outwards to the ceiling and then bring it back by bending the knee when you inhale. An important thing is make sure that you swing your shoulders just above your wrist and relax after a few counts.


Hope that with these basic and easy to power yoga poses for beginners above, you can get yourself the suitable types of yoga to practice to get good health as well as make your body fit. Yoga is diversity, everything can be done and it can help you to have a better life.


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