how to find partner yoga poses for beginners

Practicing yoga is not simple. It can get better for yourself if you can find a partner yoga poses for beginners.

Yoga is an individual exercises with the poses let you stretch your body and refresh your mind. The results of that can make you live stronger, calm your head down and have a better life.

However, yoga can even work effectively if you can practice it your your partner which can be your lover, your friend or even your yoga instructor. In another way, try to find a partner yoga poses for beginners is necessary for practitioners on doing yoga.


A partner yoga is a great way to intensify some yoga poses that required full body-stretching and take your practice to the next level you haven’t reached before and it surprisingly yourself.

Which criteria for the ideal partner yoga poses for beginners ?

First is a partner yoga should be an advanced, experts or at least he/she has to know a lot about how to do yoga by doing it for a long time. But you have also feel comfortable when practice yoga with them because it means you and partner yoga poses for beginners are getting physical together. But in some cases, you should loosen your boundaries and prepare to come closer to do yoga with someone you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing in that way.


Second thing is you and your partner yoga should have the same moving. When each of you move, the other should do the same with an attempting to feel what they feel. A good thing to make you feel pleased when you do the move with your partner yoga poses for beginners is you can stretch some poses deeper. Move with your breath and try to make with his/hers to inhale life the limits or joint, then exhale to lengthen.

Third, you and partner yoga should communicate to each. Using any ways to talk, describe and listen to your partner yoga poses for beginners by both verbal and nonverbal. It’s important because when something feels good, speak up and if you need them to use gravity to do deeper, let them know. And remember in not afraid in asking questions about what is working for both of you.

Building trust is an important thing that you and your partner yoga for beginners need to. They want the same things you do, a great stretch, or try something new and to go to their edge.

Here are some poses can let you and your partner yoga for beginners can do together.

Upavistha Konasana ( Wide-angle seated forward bend)

Upavistha Konasana ( Wide-angle seated forward bend)

To do this pose, let’s take a seat on your sits bones with spread-wide your legs and flexed your feet. Facing your partner yoga poses for beginners and scoot forward so the soles of your feet are touching. Moving with your breath and stretch forwards as your partner leans backwards, pulling your arms forward and allow yourself to be pulled forward while feeling the stretch in your shoulders and thigh adductors.

Paschimottananasana ( Seated forward bend)

Paschimottananasana ( Seated forward bend)

It’s quite like the Upavistha konasana pose when you and your partner yoga sit on the mat with feet extended out in front of of flexed-feet, straighten back. One person has his or her back to the other and bend it up, press the feet  firmly into the mat. Next is inhaling both arms up and exhale to fold forward, bringing the forehead to knees and hands to the shins, ankles or toes.

Yoga is the gift to everyone, now you know it not only make you become better, but also expand the relationship to the others. Let’s practice it regularly, with your partner yoga poses for beginners to let yoga make you better.


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