how to become a yoga instructor

Have you ever thought that one day you can become a yoga instructor? Being a certified yoga instructor is one of the most rewarding experiences you have had in your life - but most of us have that experience quite late (average age in yoga class is 38).


How to become a yoga instructor


Have you ever thought that one day you can become a yoga instructor? Being a certified yoga instructor is one of the most rewarding experiences you have had in your life - but most of us have that experience quite late (average age in yoga class is 38).


How to become a yoga instructor

Some accredited schools and courses offer students the opportunity to teach practical yoga classes before graduation or immediately after the end of your yoga instructor training program. Study further up the program even higher. You will take a new step from teaching and directing your classmates to teach a group of strangers, which makes you nervous and scared. Imagine the situations that when you think you can handle all sorts of illnesses that may have occurred or have mastered the knowledge of anatomy and physiology lessons, are available. Someone with a three-chambered heart entered the classroom. 


The important thing to remember is that in real classes, there are always unexpected surprises - those that exceed your safety threshold. There are situations where you have never encountered before. But more importantly, you have to know when to respond to them "I do not know the exact answer to this problem, but I know who can give the answer to it." Or better yet, if you have a friend who is always ready to answer your questions through a phone call. If the yoga center, where you teach adds graduate students to your tutors, you will be reinforced by the belief that hundreds of years of hands-on teaching experience is in your hands. You must remember something below to be an excellent yoga instructor.


Keep hard training yoga every day

Intensive preparation and training are the keys to help you overcome fear and anxiety before starting each lesson. We have taught and certified hundreds of students, and the magic has shone with the best students. Regular and persistent practitioners are always the best performers throughout the course. This is the obvious fact, as K. Pattabhi Jois once said, "Live with yoga and everything will come to you." When you have understood all aspects of the posture, your practice will shift to another level, at this level the subconscious will actively perform the movements but not simply the mind as before. Surprisingly, you find out that you ended the 75-minute session without realizing it.


How to become a yoga instructor

Our yoga instructors hardly encounter any difficulties during class hours. We all remember our favorite yoga instructors, who not only impressed with the high-pitched moves, but also intentionally created the opportunity for us to respond to the sympathetic response - We are never in a fight-or-flight situation, but rather a resting and recovering period. This is what really happens in yoga.

Another advice we often tell our students is to try your own class. You can use smartphones and portable recording devices, then record your classroom activities, and apply to your classroom. This is one of the best ways to get familiar with all the problems in the classroom, so that they become a familiar part of every lesson.
Another important tool to become a yoga instructor is to use your own voice to encourage relaxation at certain times of the lesson. In class, take the time to listen to your voice and the teacher's passion for inspiration. You will notice that their voices are very round, but very pleasant and comfortable. Listen and practice your voice to have a beautiful voice.

Pay attention to the language used in the class

Before you talk, you need to think what to say and how to say. When describing how to perform a movement, use positive language, limiting negativity. Try not to tell the trainees "you should not do this" or "do not do that", and avoid abuse of dictation or superlatives like "today I want you must do this "or" if you can please..." Instead, consider using monosyllabic words that allow the trainee to easily visualize the teacher's instructions with a description of the movement. Examples are "lift your chest up", "take your breath down the abdomen", or "lower your lower abdomen to the floor", etc. Your class will become more focused and your guidance will be more effective. 


How to become a yoga instructor

There are days, when you walk into the classroom and find your students sitting down there and all are abundant in energy. So you decide to teach in continuous non-stop periods in response to the enthusiasm of the students, and even if you feel exhausted when the class begins, do some practice in Savasana to re-energize. Or there are days when you feel that students are not interested in learning, you will have to find a good way to change their mood and engage their focus back on the lesson. One tip to deal with this situation is to start the lesson with a simple breathing exercise such as Nadi Shodana or pranayama. These breathing exercises will remove any wave of thought that is undulating in the mind so that the practitioner cannot release the spirit, thus helping them purify the mind and concentrate.

Those above things will help you a lot on the way to become a yoga instructor and spread your knowledge of Yoga. Then you will realize, sitting in front of 40 strangers and teaching yoga is as simple and comfortable as sitting in any easy position. Once you have realized that, yoga will be increasingly shared and expanded to the community.



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