how many calories does yoga burn?

If you choose yoga as the main method to control your weight, you may wonder if calories burned during a yoga training session are enough to ensure weight loss. Most yoga practitioners use it for its obvious benefits, such as muscle and improve core stability, build strength and reduce stress.

Yoga has long been known as a way to help your soul become calm and purify the body. But yoga is a very good way to control weight gain, including weight gain and weight loss. For weight loss have you ever wondered how many calories burned for each exercise?

The amount of calories you burn at a yoga session can vary widely, depending on the yoga form you choose to practice.


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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the oldest and most familiar method and Hatha is usually taught in beginner-level classes. Hatha yoga emphasizes breathing control and movement during exercise. On average in a Hatha Yoga class, you can burn about 175 calories per hour, which is equivalent to walking about 3.2 km in an hour.


How many calories does yoga burn?


Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga yoga is the higher level of Hatha yoga. Ashtanga yoga with stretching exercises, training for thigh muscles, arm muscles and stretching ligament. So an Ashtanga class can burn 300 calories in an hour like walking about 6.4 km in an hour.


yoga is an effective way to lose weight


Power Yoga

With a rapid movement between the actions will set the cardiovascular system and endurance of the body. This class will help you have a good cardiovascular system. However, if you have a problem of the circulatory system and heart, you should be careful with these exercises. On average in a Power Yoga class you can burn up to 300 calories per hour of exercise.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa in ancient Indian means a series of rhythmic activities, so in Vinyasa's class and Vishwa's Vvinyasa in particular, the way you move your movements is more important than the way you keep your movements. This class provides comprehensive support for the body from toughness, muscle strength, and balance. On average in a Vinyasa Yoga class you can burn 600 calories per hour of exercise.


Hot yoga

Hot yoga with continuous movements such as hot flow or individual movements such as static hot. We will have training from 34 to 38 degrees to help you sweat and your muscles will be more resilient than normal, this class is very good for you if you want to lose weight or increase flexibility. It also helps your skin brighten and beautiful by reducing toxins through the epidermis. On average in a Hot Yoga class you can burn 900 calories per hour of practice.


Yoga exercises can relieve stress and improve your well-being


Besides help you burn many calories while training yoga. Regardless of the form of yoga you choose to practice as you build a healthy body, exercising offers a wide range of benefits. Yoga exercises can relieve stress and improve your well-being, boosting your balance and flexibility, making your muscles stronger and reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases. Other benefits of yoga include grinding your concentration, raising your energy levels and relieving muscle pain.




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