let’s find out some basic yoga poses for beginners

Yoga is very good for your health and it should be practiced frequently. So, let’s find out some basic yoga poses for beginners

Basic yoga poses for beginners is a way to discipline mind and body

As a yoga practitioners, you’ll find a lot of helpful way in doing yoga. You can come to the yoga classes for beginners, they will have a lot of suitable lessons, or you can use the Internet to find out the best yoga dvd for beginners even in Youtube.


Doing yoga is aimed at on how to refresh your mind, body and the most important is to help you have a good health and soul. 

Basic yoga for beginners is a way to discipline mind and body. It is nowadays become a popular method of exercising and staying in shaper over the years. The practice yoga renders many mental as well as physical benefits. 

Let’s find out some basic yoga poses for beginners

Yoga for starters, therefore, is usually think difficult because there have a lot of poses from low to high level. Don’t be scare, there still have yoga poses for beginners and if you follow that and practice frequently, you’ll gradually increase your level.

The main purpose of yoga for beginners

One more thing the yogis should be remember is although there have variety kinds of yoga ( such as bikram yoga, which lead you to do a lot of action in a hot yoga studio), the main purpose of yoga for beginners is the art to develop flexibility of mind instead of your body’s flexibility. 

To people who not doing yoga, they should think that the heart is the most important organ. It’s true but not for Yoga. According to yoga, the most important body function is how you can control your breath. The working of the heart are beyond our control unless we practice advanced yoga. But the working of our lungs is the realm of our control. 

Yoga can be done anytime, anywhere because it’s for everyone. There have a lot of types in practicing yoga. One of the most popular is meditation- a very basic yoga poses for beginners- which fix yoga positions for beginners and help them learn  on how to control their breath. 

So, here are some basic yoga poses for beginners with help you improve your yoga skill. 

Lotus pose ( it’s also called meditation pose)


This is one of the basic yoga pose for beginners because of its easy. Besides that, lotus pose is very much helpful as it contains lots of health benefits. All you have to do is sit on the floor by folding your legs at your knees. Then, you place both of your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Hold this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute while concentrating on a single imaginary point.  

Lotus - Basic yoga poses for beginners


Camel pose


It’s another basic yoga poses for beginners which make  yoga practitioners sit on their knees on the ground by stretching legs behind the body. Next, raise the hands besides head in upward direction and slowly bend your body in backward direction. The rest thing is try to hold your ankles with the hands and keep it for 10-15 seconds and repeat. 

 Pose - Basic yoga poses for beginners



Bow pose


To help you in increasing the flexibility of our body, this kind of easy yoga for beginners is very much beneficial for you. Let’s lay straight on the floor and keep your face downside while both of your hands besides your body and facing the palms downward. Try to uplift the upper and lower part of your body from the floor and keeping the support on your belly. After that, hold your feet both of your hands and keep breathing. The ideal time  of this pose is from 10 to 20 seconds. 

Bow - Basic yoga poses for beginners


Corpse pose


to the yoga for starters, this pose is basically a way you relax. Just lay straight on the floor and keep your hands beside your body while facing the palms downward. Then, close your eyes and take a deep breathing for 30 seconds. 
 Corpse - Basic yoga poses for beginners

Hope that the instructions about basic yoga poses for beginners above will help you have a good time doing yoga. Yoga is for everyone, let’s practice it with 100% passion and the result will pleased you. 




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