basic yoga poses for beginners

You are the new one to yoga, there are some basic yoga poses for beginners you should know as well.

The basic yoga poses are essential for everyone even for the beginners in order to help you increase flexibility as well as reduce your tension as well. It is not easy to narrow down more than 100 positions of yoga to 3 - 5 basic yoga poses. But all those asanas in this article are basic yoga poses for beginners. Now let’s figure out.

The 1st one is seated forward bend .It is a basic yoga poses for beginners as well. 

Because this pose helps you to stretch your hamstring, lower and upper back as well as improve digestion, appetite and improve your sleep; avoid of insomnia. This pose is a great therapy for high blood pressure and it it also good for overcoming obesity. Moreover, it helps to calm down your mind and helps to relieve stress as well. For beginners,  your entire body are so stiff and it is very difficult for them to bend forward. If you suffer from asthma, back pain or you cannot push harder, please back off and stop immediately. How about if you just feel a little bit of tension? 

Just keep trying more until you cannot fold forward anymore. Keep breath as usual. I saw many people they hold their breath when they felt hurt. It is not good. You should deep inhale and slowly exhale as usual. Seated with your legs parallel, feet firmly flex. Lift your chest and try to pull chest touch to your thighs as well. Engage your lower abdominal moving forward to your thighs.

Cat pose is also belonging to the basic yoga poses for beginners.  

It is the great way to warm up your back, brings flexibility to your spine as well as to get your body ready to move the next posture: downward facing dog. It is also stretches your torso, neck and stimulate your abdominal organs as well. How to do it? You start at a crawl pose.Your hands, knees and wrists under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. 

Deep inhale and slowly exhale, round your spine toward to the ceiling and your chin towards your chest as well, relax your neck. On the next inhale, arch back and relax your abs as well. Lift your head and tailbone upwards. Be careful, do not move your neck too quickly or deeply. You just keep neutral and smooth. Despite of warm up your back, it also helps you strengthen your core. If you have neck injuries, you should not drop your head forward or back.

Plank pose quite familiar with the one who practice gym as well.

It is an arm balancing pose that can tone your ab muscles and strengthen the arms and spine. Plank pose also belongs to basic yoga poses for beginners as well. It tones all the core of your body including your abs, chest and low back. Practicing plank for daily build endurance as well as stamina. Four limbs on your mat with hips up, arms straight, legs straight also, flex your feet. Stay in this pose for 8 counts with steadily breath as well.

Here are some basic yoga poses for beginners. If you have any problems, you can discuss with us.


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