yoga routine for children

With endless imagination, It is nothing better than yoga routine for children, since it can help your kids enrich their soul and develop their heath.


Yoga poses can be incorporated  into any story whether it's a bedtime story or within groups. When the stories mention animals and objects, let make them involved in yoga poses, which makes children imagine and more excited to practise daily

Yoga routine for children seems like going on an adventure.

Kids love embarking on an impressive adventure.


They tend to put themselves in different imaginary situations such as climbing the Himalayas, taking a boat through a dark marsh, or mingling with the dinosaurs

It’s possible to connect any kind of postures in this yoga routine for children, which suits their imagination they purse. This helps them establish a healthy lifestyle.

Sing and Flow


There are lots of amazing songs available that perfectly fit a yoga routine for children to pratice!

Dealing with poses to match the song or let the kids lead the practice with their own poses in terms of group or individual. Don’t insist them to do what you think it is right or more correct, just follow their mind as long as they feel free and comfortable for it.

Follow the Leader


This timesless game is a wonderful way to make your kids concentration. Practicing yoga poses in a circle is easier to lead them to a simple flow.

You can start with sun salutations, a moving warrior flow, or even the standing poses of the basic Ashtanga series in yoga routine for children. In case ,the kids are in older age, some intense and interactive experiences, which incorporate things like dragon's breath or animal noises could work better.

The Wave


It is effective to gather them into a circle and put yourself somewhere among them. This is the wave which we do yoga poses together, each person will mimic the poses and goes around the circle.

You'll start the wave with a simple pose and then the one next to your right side will repeat it, going all the way around the circle one by one. For an intense challenge, gradually makes each pose become more complicated.

Copy Cat


Asking people to stand into a circle and placing your hands at your heart, telling your students to do the same. Continually  keep an eye on a student (or say their name) and point your hands at each other to connect.

The student should imitate you since you will be their mirror-images. They may also lead the poses if they have ability or ready for it.

If they've never played this game before, Begin with something like a warrior sequence or a sun salutation until they can catch the picture. Once everyone feel free and comfortable with the game, partner the kids up and let them create their own sequences.

Human Mandala


This game is a great way to get a class comfortable with their peers. Everyone should be sitting in a circle knee to knee. You start the flow with breathing exercises, and everyone coordinates their breath and movement with everyone so it's an endless, connected circle.

For older kids, set up an easily-followed flow and slowly flow before you ask them to connect their movements.The best yoga games for children are ones that are fun!

The best yoga routine for children is one that are fun! It doesn't matter how creative you are with your sequencing or poses. All kids care about is moving, having fun, and feeling like they're playing and having fun. 

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