yoga moves for kids

Yoga moves for kids help keep them calm and control their emotions as well as maintain balance and fitness.


Yoga is originated from  Hindu and became a spiritual and physical discipline, combining breathing, meditation, and the postures, by which increase body awareness and improve health status.


At the early stage of its development, Yoga is simply sitting position in a huge amount of meditation time.

 It is yoga which not only provides stretching and body toning but also opens the "nadis" , energy channels and "chakra" or the psychic center of the human body.


Practicing yoga is able to improve flexibility and ease stress. Doing yoga intensely on the daily basis can help you have a better sleep, develop your mental health, resulting in better focusing on your work/study purpose

Here some yoga moves for kids suggestions:

Tree I and Tree II

Upward Hand Pose


Extended side angle

Downward facing dog



Upward blow

Cow position

Locust position

Cat Pose

Lie and rest

Chair squat

Boating position

Standing Fold

Standing bend

Seated Front Bend

Warrior Pose I and II


Extended hand to toe

Supported headstand



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