yoga moves for children

Yoga moves for children is very beneficial compared to other physical activities, in which you may find peace, good posture, open and revitalize your body.


Children can be easily keep up with yoga movements as long as you change the exercise  more fun, attractive to them.

Here are several basic yoga moves for children you can follow

Spaghetti Legs


This is one of the easy yoga moves for children  at the beginning, but you should use special lingo that are much more applicable and appealing to children though these languages are similar what adults know in higher level class. Again makes yoga simple and interesting as much as possiple.

Begin their practice in Easy Pose with 5 breaths. Count each inhale out loud so they know where they are and don’t get distracted.



Good Cat–Cow is a marvelous way to stretch the spine and your kids will be definitely into making animal sounds when doing it. This might encourage them to exhale smoothly for each movements, which teaches them to manage their breaths.

Ragdoll to Mountain pose


This is such a great small yoga movement for children and mimics a Sun Salutation to warm up their muscles.

To begin with, Ragdoll will help stretch out their spines and enhance their toe touching possibility.

This position with upside down will activate the nervous system effectively.

Moving to Mountain Pose to remind them what great posture feels like.

After 3 replications transfer to Tree pose .Tree is seen as a wonderful way to bring back balance mentally and physically.

Down Dog to Crocodile Pose

Down Dog is similar to Plank position. Let them practice for few rounds of movements before moving to Crocodile Pose.

Child’s Pose to Rabbit

It is always easier to teach children through a this transition, let them sit still so that they can release some energy but focus on themselves, do not be distracted by others.

Let them know that their arms are their ears, and they need to lift their little bunny tails to the ceiling to help with their alignment. They get all the benefits of both postures physically and they don’t need to sit still.


Yoga is kind of art, connecting our soul, mind, and body together. It makes us strong, flexible, peaceful and healthy. Due to modernization, people are put under pressure and easy to get fatigue: therefore, Yoga becomes very necessary. It makes us fit and healthy, why the wealth of health could bring you everything and get successful.

These days, children are also buried into their daily tasks, study, and stressful life. Yoga moves for children could maintain a good health to have a better life.

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