yoga for children

Today’s world, kids live under a stressful, hurry-up environment, which is busier and less physically active than before. With the rapid pace of life, there have caused detrimental effects on their joy and self-esteem.

Yoga for children is a great method to bring back balance into a child’s life, give them a physical activities for their infinite energy, and foster their creativity.


Yoga for children: will teach them some how include.

• Self-Esteem

• Concentration

• Body Awareness

• Stress Management

• Self-Control

• Relaxation

• Physical Development

Why Yoga Are a Amazing Playground For Children?

Traditional yoga asanas were inspired from the animal and plant. This is also a wonderful way to introduce yoga to kids.

What child wouldn’t want to be able to sting like scorpion, balance like a crow or stand as tall and strong as a tree?

Yoga for children can be performed everywhere, at your own convenience so try to spend time playing and practicing with your children.

The poses are similar to adult’s poses just under different names due to the accessibility to kids . It might simply more flexible and lighter, so that kids  could easily and quickly copy or even the most challenging poses.

Kids are not able to hold one pose for long time compared to adults and they are more likely to be distracted by external factors. So make sure that you are patient, flexible enough not because you are teachers, it is because you will learn how to understand and connect to them under kids’ perspectives.

The most important thing that you should consider that they will not know the in-depth nature and spiritual aspects of yoga, they just simply want something fun and enjoy in their own way. However, they still benefits from doing those animal poses and the basic underlying ideas.For instance, you can talk about the ways that cobras and crows are similar and connected or how being still like a tree allows one to listen deeply.

Kids are extremely flexible, fearless, open, light and strong. So make your lessons as much inspriring as possible such as storytelling, music and games will develop their curiosity and make them excited to volunteer and express their ability  in such rigorous and demanding practices.

How can you draw a child’s attention during yoga practice time?

Absolutely using  the animals and plants. You can create some challenges among kids to make them put efforts and more focus on.


• Be a strong, kind and silent as a tree

• Be as stealthy and powerful as a warrior

• Bark and their tails” in downward dog

• Be as flexible as cobras

• Be a free butterfly

• Show their gorgeous “plumage” in the bird of paradise pose

• Stay balances like crows

• Sting like scorpions

• Stretch like  lazy cats after long cat nap



There are so many fun ways to get kids completely inculcate yoga in their mind.

Yoga is a treasure trave of asanas which can be  useful stories and games for them to be involved.

Encourage them that frustration could not interrupt them from being strong and better. They need loving cares, motivations from their beloved parents, motivating their aspiration to study.

Yoga for children is also a discipline for adults to make an ongoing interaction with kids and be more understanding kids’ thoughts.


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