simple yoga for kids

There are some suggestion about the benefits of simple yoga for kids as early as possible. It is a good way to help your children start a healthy lifestyle habits in the long run.


Yoga improves balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity in children. Yoga and mindfulness offer psychological benefits for children as well.

The list of  simple yoga for kids below will inspire them and enjoy  comfortable moments, connecting the relationship between parents and their offsprings..

Just  follow our ideas with your kids or just make your own way as long as you can feel right, listen to your body and your soul. These poses are definitely easy to practice at home, garden, beaches, parks.

It’s time for you and your kids to come back and be kind with nature


Say hello to the sun  


- First, stand on your feet

Slowly stretch your arm out other sides, which is good step for your upper body muscles.

Slowly bring your arms up   overhead until your palms fit together.

It is a simple yoga pose so keep this position for a second and control your breath thoroughly.

Pretend to be a tree


Stand on one leg, bend the other knee and place the sole of your foot on your inner thigh. Sway like a tree in the breeze. Repeat on the other side.

Your kids imagine themselves as a tree, which teaches them how to be kind to other people and the nature.

This pose also inspires people to keep moving toward our dream when you get troubles.

Pretend to be a bird with SIMPLE YOGA FOR KIDS


Stand on one leg. Extend the other leg behind you. Lean forward and take your arms out in front of you to pretend that you are flapping your wings like a bird.

Kids will feel good and free when imaging to fly above the sky. It keeps their mind calm and strengthens their legs, chest and arms.

Encouraged them to stayed in this position to get the best result  .

Pretend to be falling rain


Understanding natural weather is a way to cherish the love inside your kids toward the world.

Bend your upper body, reach for your toes, and hang your arms like the falling rain.

This pose- SIMPLE YOGA FOR KIDS- helps calm your mind and relieve stress due to the flow of blood to our brain and also affects your kids’ digestion system.

Pretend To Be A Seed


It depends on your kids’ creativity whatever is fine as long as they enjoy relaxation time and share good times together.

Come down to a squat and pretend to plant seeds in the garden.

Or kids can imagine they are sprout, slowly move to stand or even jump out, just like the sprout coming out of the ground.


By practicing these simple yoga for kids, children can learn self-determination, develop confidence and raise the body awareness. It is not simply the physical activities or games, it is the playground for your kids express their creativity and interact with their friends, share good times, especially enhance their focus on things they experience

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