kids yoga challenges

Do you want to encourage your kids to do yoga? Fun kids yoga challenges can be an amazing idea. They will definitely enjoy and relax together.

Kids are definitely easy to motivate and  more courageous than most adults. That’s why letting them in sports at their early ages is much easier.

These kids yoga challenges shared in this article are partner yoga activities which are not only a great way to relax but also connect the feeling among people,especially parent-kid bond.


Partner Tree Pose


Stand tall and next to each other with your shoulders back, head up, spine straight, and legs solidly stable on the ground.

Hold hands or place your along each other’s waist.

Then slowly change to stand on your inner leg. Imagine you are the mirror image of your partner and conversely .

Bend your other leg and place the foot’s sole on the  other foot’s thigh or calf. Don’t forget to help each other to keep balance ,until  you feel steady, lift your outer arms up to the sky.

You could also swing together as if you were trees in the wind. Take turn with the other foot

Partner Eagle Pose


Come back to standing  tall and next to each other, holding hands or with your arms around each other’s waist. Shift to standing on your inner leg. Squeeze the other leg around your standing leg, and link arms with your partner .  Bend your knees a little bit , which allocates your weight on your standing foot. Keep balance together. Repeat this step with other foot.

Double Downward-Facing Dog Pose


Back to standing position, bend down  to make an upside-down V shape so that your palms will flat on the ground. Lift your buttocks high up to the air. Straighten your legs and arms, feel free with your head and neck, and look through among your legs. Once you are in a stable position, your child can start to mimic Downward-Facing Dog Pose under you or next to you. Pretend to be dogs or  similar animals.

Lizard Sunbathing on a Rock


From kneeling position, then  place your buttocks on your heels, slowly drop your head down to rest between your knees, let your arms stay alongside your body to finish Child’s Pose. As long as you feel comfortable with this status, pretending to be a rock, your child can slowly place her back lying on your back and her head placing  on your upper back. Encourage your child to open her chest and. To return , gently lift your torso up whereas assisiting your child to slowly stand up.

Double Easy Pose


Come to sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position.Sit on a cushion or bolster and place blocks under your knees. As soon as you feel relaxed , your child can sit on your lap.  Close your eyes and breath deeply several times and imagine to be clouds floating through the sky. This is a great position for meditation time with your beloved family.

That’ll all…hope you can share and enjoy good time with your kids through these kids yoga challenge.


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