try out yoga steps for beginners at work and the benefits

Sitting in front of your desk for over 8 hours per day can cause many problems for health. In your break time, you can try out some yoga steps for beginners at work. Yoga practice at work will not take your much time. But it can bring a lot of benefits for healthy body.

Do you know that sitting in one place during 8 hours and over can harm your neck and back? Because you have to always be in straight posture in front of the computer screen all day long, your neck and back will be indisposed. And if you don’t have any methods to improve the situation, your whole body will be in an exhausted status. Practicing yoga at work may take you about 10 to 15 minutes, which is not too long for any exercises but it really works.

1.       Starting by Ankle to Knee


“Ankle to Knee” seems to be one of the easiest and simplest yoga steps for beginners you can do at work!

•Step 1 of this pose: You sit on your chair; try to keep your back straight and stretch forward

•Step 2 of this pose: Put your right foot on the left knee; and drop the right knee open.

•Step 3 of this pose: Breathe regularly and deeply; then change the other side.

2.       Relaxing your back with “Twist”


This yoga pose at work helps to relax your back effectively.

•Step 1 of this pose: Sitting on the chair with your straight back

•Step 2 of this pose: Placing your left hand on your right knee or thigh

•Step 3 of this pose: Putting your right hand on the chair so that you can deepen your twist.

•Step 4 of this pose: Holding it about 15-30 seconds; then switching the other side

Note: To this pose, you need to remember not to twist your both legs, just do it on your upper body.

3.       Stretching your neck with “High Altar Pose”


This yoga pose is one of yoga steps for beginners to practice in any break time in your workplace. It works for your neck and head as well.

•Step 1 of this pose: Starting by inhaling deeper and lifting your arms

•Step 2 of this pose: Clasping, stretching your hands and inverting your both palms.

•Step 3 of this pose: Leaning to your right

•Step 4 of this pose: Holding it till 30 seconds; and repeating it with another side

4.       Harder yoga pose with “Scale Pose”


Yoga steps for beginners with “Scale Pose” will bring good results not only to your back, your arms, your neck, but also to your stomach and butt. Follow these steps below right now!

•Step 1 of this pose: Sitting on your chair at its edge

•Step 2 of this pose: Pressing your hands down to the chair

•Step 3 of this pose: Raising your legs and butt up off the chair

•Step 4 of this pose: Trying to clasp your abdominal muscles

•Step 5 of this pose: Holding it for 10 to 15 seconds; breathing deeply and slowly

Practicing yoga steps for beginners at work will bring some remarkable benefits. Yoga helps you to relax your neck and back firstly. Moreover, yoga improves the respiratory system and the digestion; balance your mind and concentration to help you work efficiently; and make you sleep better after a hard working day.

Start a healthy day with some yoga steps for beginners from now on!


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