how to warm your body up to yoga for beginners step by step?

Practicing yoga with some tips from yoga for beginners step by step through warm up movements and become better.

Take yoga poses for beginners step by step

Take yoga for beginners step by step

Before doing exercises, one of the most important yoga poses for beginners step by step is that way you warm your body up. It is an essential part that let you do some moves like jogging, running to gym and especially for yoga structure. Stretching, trying to control your breath are always the most useful warm up postures of every yoga classes that is performed at the beginning of the classes to make sure that your body is ready to move to other asana.


Doing yoga means you try to listen to your body and let it flow with the yoga postures. It’s the reason why you can hurt yourself if your body is not ready for practicing yoga. It leads to the very first yoga for beginners step by step is warming your body up to prevent injuries during doing yoga poses as well as to help your body move into difficult poses easily. The main reason is that when you do warm up, the blood will be pumped to each of your body parts and reduce the chance of injures. Moreover, by doing some movements to warm up, you also have many physical as well as mental benefits and all of yoga classes do it through stretching and breathing technique before starting the main lessons.

In order to do a proper warm up, each of your body parts are needed to hit all muscles, joints in a systemized way. To make it easy to understand, one of the easiest movements in yoga for beginners step by step is the way you sit down with the mountain pose to give a good stretch to a trunk, waist, shoulders and spine. By doing this, you can improve the alignment of the spine while removing back pain. It ensures all your muscles and joints are working together in perfectly way.


To the starters, warm up in yoga for beginners step by step is not only a normal exercise, but also an ease way to comfort my body both physically and mentally. When you focus more on warming up, you will realize your intention. The purpose of this is you can change from earn money for living into happiness as the way you love yourself.

Let’s imagine, when you stand tall, strong and firm, you’ll feel like you are the center of yourself and it’s the key to make you happy in your busy daily life nowadays. Starting a day with fresh-mind and smiling is the best way for you enjoy your life, right?


With the yoga for beginner’s step- by -step. As soon as you step on to warm up session, you have to focus on your breathing by taking a deep inhale and slowly exhale. When you inhale, you can make your lungs expand, chest up and especially abdomen as much as possible. After that, hold your inhalation in about 3-5 seconds and change it into exhalation. Remember, when you do exhalation, the lungs will shrink and air is forced out and abdomen returns to the normal. This movement can make you calm your mind as well as prepare your physical body into postures.

To do yoga for beginners step by step, warm up the body is an important part as your main exercise. Let’s do it carefully to prevent injuries and take all the good advantage from doing yoga.  


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