the best yoga for beginners

If you decide choosing yoga for the happier life, let’s do yourself on which type is the best yoga for beginners to start.

Find yourself the best yoga for beginners

Find yourself the best yoga for beginners

Every beginning of something is start with zero. And if you’re new to yoga, a lot of questions should be considered before doing this amazing exercise.

It seems seriously but the fact that there has variety types of yoga that let you have to think about which one is the suitable and best yoga for beginners to choose. In general, yoga is aimed at the purpose that make you feel relax and help you in enjoying every moments from everything around of your daily life. In addition, by choosing the best yoga for beginners, the participants can have a chance to improve their strength, flexibility and body balance when the tension is released.

But to the specific types of yoga, it has some differences between the purpose and the way you do its poses.

Yoga for meditation:  it is always said that the very basic and the best yoga for beginners to practice if you want to find yourself the best way to calm your mind down before the stressful you might have in your daily life. By practicing meditation, you have to take a lot of deep breath that good for your health, in general, and for your respiratory system, in particular. Meditation is easy to do, just find a mat and sit on it. Besides that, you have to fix your sitting down position correctly to enjoy the peaceful environment all around you better. Just closing your eyes, take a deep breath, think about the mantra and keep it in a long time.


Although meditation is the easiest and best yoga for beginners, we can refuse that there still have a lot of types of yoga that suitable to different groups of people. So here is some other best yoga for beginner’s poses for you to consider.

- Hatha yoga:


To the name, “Ha” means moon and “The “means sun, according to Sanskrit, so Hatha yoga is originally meant the physical practical of yoga. Hatha is known as the basic yoga poses with a chain of movement that allow your body become more flexible. Through combination between breath- controlling and body’s movement to do postures, Hatha yoga is good to create a class with beginners learning to do some basic yoga poses.

- Ashtana yoga:


This is one of the best yoga for beginners with focus more on challenge the yoga practitioners. When you choose Ashtana yoga, you’ll have to do a series of yoga poses without taking a break. In addition, one more thing that make its interesting is can help focusing the mind and control the flow of breath through the body.

- Bikram yoga:

This type of yoga poses is often called “Hot yoga” .With the name like that; the yoga practitioners can help for themselves on what they have to do if they choose Bikram yoga to attend. Its challenge is you will do a sequence of 26 or more yoga poses in a very hot room which the high degree. By doing Bikram, you can burn your calories; make your body stronger, able to take a deep breath. However, an advice for people who want to do this best yoga for beginners is let’s discuss to doctor or yoga instructor on whether you can practice it or not in case you have any medical condition.

There still having a lot of best yoga for beginner’s poses that need you to discover. Just remember, no matter what kind of yoga you choose, let’s practice it because the benefits from yoga will make you feel better in your busy daily life.


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