some easy yoga moves for beginners that you can do public

To build up your health better, practice yoga is the key for you to reach it. Let’s see some easy yoga moves for beginners that make you become more confident and look better.

Easy yoga moves for beginners can be done everywhere

Easy yoga moves for beginners can be done everywhere

To someone, morning exercises can be the very great thing for them to start a new day. It is evidenced by a lot of people go to park for walking, running or doing exercises under the fresh-air environment from the trees. You can both do postures and take a fresh-air breath because it’s good. And when you talk about how to do breath-control well, yoga is exactly what you need.

Yoga is the amazing exercise that makes you feel comfortable and enjoy every moments of your life. By the way, deep-breathing is one of the most basic and important and it also listed in yoga move for beginners that you have to learn and practice every day.

The benefits of taking a deep-breath can be help your respiratory work better. Calm your mind down and think about the positive ways in your life to begin a day with all the best things you have.


So, go to public place at the early morning to do some yoga moves for beginners such as park can be the good choice of you. This place can make you spend your time to ground down, look inward and hit the reset button after the tired, craziness and even stressfulness from the day before. With the weather cool down and the leaves transition to brings hues of yellow and orange, doing easy yoga moves for beginners in the park help the participants slow down, connect themselves in a deeper by craving hearty veggie stew, loving-kindness meditations become more meaningful way.

With the grateful benefits from doing yoga moves for beginners as above, here are instructions on some poses that you can do to let yoga make yourself better.

- Taking an easy pose by stretching a side of body:


All you have to do is choose your most comfortable sitting down position with your cross-legged and put your palms resting on your knees. Then, try to let your bones down and let them be heavy. When you hug you low belly up, your lower back is also supported. Relax all your body parts such as shoulders, arms and legs while lengthening through both sides of your neck to let you sitting position up a little bit tall. After these setting up to do this pose, close your eyes as well as take a deep breath as a welcome the attention toward the natural wavelike rhythm. Let’s feel this energy in and out of you for about two minutes.

- Doing a crescent lunge:


To do this pose, keep your standing up with your hip-width apart feet. Exhale and step your right foot backward and then change into the way you breathe in by reaching your arms up high over your head. Keep your feet firmly to drive your back heels toward your mat so that your back leg is long. Next, your front knee is stacked over your ankle with your entire core hugging in order to let your shoulders are relaxed away from your ears. Keep this pose with 10 breaths from the left to the right side and hold it steady.

From the two most popular easy yoga moves for beginners that practicing in public space, hope it help you in improve your confidence and make you better from soul to the body when you decide to practice yoga.


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