poses and tips of yoga for beginners with pictures

There are so many yoga poses that you can practice every single day. Some poses are easy for beginners, the others need more techniques and complicated. Learning these poses of yoga for beginners with pictures makes everything clearer and easier.

Yoga practice is a simplest and easiest way to help your body healthy inside out. One of the most important benefits of yoga practice that needs to be listed is stress relief. Moreover, one person practicing yoga daily can help her to lose weight, enhance her flexibility, encourage strong and calm mind, and improve her digestion as well.

Before figuring out which poses of yoga for beginners with pictures, let’s note down these tips so that you can get good results in yoga practice daily.

1.       Change your eating habit


When you practice yoga for any reasons, you need to change your current eating habit. Don’t eat too much sugar or cut down it from your meals. Eating less salt, alcohol and canned foods, this causes many diseases for your health. Otherwise, you have to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits or its juices. The more you eat healthy, the more effective of yoga practice enhances.

2.       Choose practice time


Early morning or evening before going to bed is always the best time of yoga for beginners with pictures. Pictures here mean that you can see and follow it via television, social networks as YOUTUBE, newspapers, etc. The best time of early morning is about 6-7am. And the best time of evening is about 6-8pm, at least 2 hours before bedding time.

3.       Be patient!


Yoga is “slow but sure” physical exercise, it makes you healthy and beautiful inside out. The beauty made of yoga practice is a beauty that your body’s full of energy, and your mind is fresh and optimistic. Don’t be hurry to get quick results like you use medicine or any kinds of methods to find the good health and beauty. Be patient with yoga and you’ll see its magic for sure.

Now, checking 5 popular poses of yoga for beginners with pictures:

1.   Basic slow neck stretches


You can sit anywhere, on the ground or even on your chair. What you all need is to practice to stretch the neck slowly, and focus on your breath.

2.   Mountain Pose


Mountain Pose is one of the best yoga for beginners with pictures. You need to stand, close your eyes and control your breath. This pose can relax your whole body and increase height as well.

3.   Warrior II


Your arms and shoulders are in a straight line, 90-degree bend in the front leg

4.       Cow


You round the back, make your chin to the chest.

5.       Up Dog


This pose of yoga for beginners with pictures is not difficult. You stretch your legs, push your arms, let your hips between your wrists, inhale and exhale slowly.

If you don’t have much time to practice yoga in any classes, practicing yoga for beginners with pictures is a big plus to help you follow easier and adjust postures right.


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