origins of yoga

Yoga is one of the popular way to make you feel better in life. Let’s find out the origins of yoga this helpful activity.


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Origins of Yoga


About 60 years ago, Yoga has become the central activity of the cultural mainstream from a mysterious Indian practice. Although it’s now the most popular exercise to everyone, Yoga remains something that people haven’t even known about. In addition, the esoteric origins of Yoga can be found in the Rig Veda, which is the oldest book in the world. 

Origins of Yoga


The word “ Yoga” has been used for thousands years and changed many times. The reason why is this word is very diverse and popular which can be interwoven in many ways. 


To Indian, the word Yoga comes from Sanskrit- a very ancient language system- which is derivated of the word yuj ( yuj means yoke- a harness together a team of oxen). In another way, Indian people say that Yoga is described as a metaphor like a method of training and uniting the body, mind and soul. It has to be practiced over the centuries with many type of different forms. 


Today, when people come to Yoga class, most of them must think  that they do Yoga mean they try to meditation, asana and practice pranayama ( breathing exercises). Asana has assumed a very important role of contemporary practices while mediation and breathing (pranayama) exercises might be included. 


Types of yoga


To the man who can be named like the god of Yoga, T.Krishnamacharya, the origins of today’s yoga can be divided into three main types of yoga such as: 


•    Ashtanga Yoga: the method of working on the same series poses which repeatedly many times. This philosophy describes a spiritual discipline that increase harmony within the individual. 


•    Alignment Yoga: the way to do yoga poses with the introduction on how to reach the ideal safely from the now-standard props. 


•    Yoga as a form of alternative medicine: from T.K.V Desikachar ( son of Krishnamacharya- an Indian Ayurvedic healer, scholar and famous yoga teacher) Yoga can be an individualized  to each person’s needs and abilities. 


Besides that, Yoga has been increased in many types which can be named like Bikram ( hot yoga), power yoga and Kundalini…. These exercises can help you narrow down the field in case you find yourself the best way to do the suitable type of Yoga. If unfortunately, it takes time and many things to make a right choice in practicing Yoga.  


One more things the yoga practitioners should know more is poses. Someone just think that do Yoga is the way you stretch your body, legs,... it also include on how to create the body balance and develop strength or flexibility. 


Some of poses that used to do a lot in practicing Yoga


•    Standing poses: Focus on body balance when you try to stretch your legs.


•    Seated poses: Focus on stretch your muscle more deeply. 


•    Backbends: After you body is warmed up, backbends teach you on how to improve spinal mobility. 


Some of poses that used to do a lot in practicing Yoga


•    Inversion and arm balances: Advance poses to hone your balance. 


•    Relaxation: Class-end pose with five or ten minutes which is focus on complete relaxation. 


Doing Yoga is not only good for you health, but also it can help you out of stressful from working or studying. Try to practice Yoga in the right way can help you feel relax, keep calm or even impact to your body such as you can improve your posture to look taller while you’re standing. It’s totally a lifelong practice that will help you stay healthy for years to come.

Yoga is one of the popular way to make you feel better in life. Let’s find out the origins of yoga this helpful activity.




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