morning yoga for beginners

Although yoga usually comes with relaxation, there are many morning yoga exercises for beginners that can help you wake up your central nervous system and help your body get a natural source of energy. Yoga makes your body move, in a way that makes you feel full of vitality and energy.


And the best thing is these morning yoga exercises takes just over 10 minutes to complete, so they are perfect for adding to your morning routine (and will not takes you much time).

No more staying in bed and pressing the alarm button again. Instead, start your day with the following energetic morning yoga exercises.


1. Breathing


As soon as you wake up, try to step outside to breathe, because vitamin D in the morning is very good for your health, your mood will improve. Do not hesitate to open the window to breathe fresh air and make your room full of natural light. Then do the morning yoga moves below to start the body.

Step 1: Prepare, stand two feet wide with shoulders.

Step 2: Inhale and straight the arms up and bend a bit to feel your whole body stretched.

Step 3: Exhale, let one hand down and keep the other hand on high. While keeping your head and neck relaxed, you will feel a deep breath of air in your body. Gradually inhale and then exhale. Perform 5 moves with each side to feel the effect.

2. Stretching the body



Scientists have shown that sedentary lifestyles lead to health problems, which can lead to fat accumulations that lead to weight gain. Unfortunately, many of us have no choice but to sit in a car or office, which results in discomfort and damage to the muscles and fat. So stretch your body when you have a chance with the front fold. And morning yoga every day is your chance.

Step 1: Stand up, stand straight with your shoulders

Step 2: Exhale and bend forward to the hips.

Step 3: Brace your knees so that your chest is horizontal and relax your neck muscles. Keep this posture within 1p and perform 5 steps to feel the effect.
This will help stretch the lower spine and leg. This morning yoga posture allows the blood to flow easily to the brain, improving circulation. For best results, hold your position for a deep breath.

3. The tree posture


Before you talk to others, give yourself the opportunity to talk to yourself with the tree posture.

Step 1: Stand straight, legs wide with the hips, hands placed on the hip while inhaling.

Step 2: Put your weight on the left leg, bend your right leg, place your foot on the inner thigh of your left leg (you can start at lower points like ankles, and raise it upwards if you are not familiar).

Step 3: Put your hands together in front of your chest and pray. Hold for 1 minute for each leg. For those who have practiced a lot, they can lift their hands up on their heads, and still hold their hands on each other.

4. Cats - cow postures


Thismorning yoga exercise helps the muscles and joints in the body start up after waking up.

Step 1: Start with a low posture, make sure your wrist is right under your shoulders, spread your fingers wide enough, the gap between the knees is wide with the hips.

Step 2: Breathe in as a cow (head and ankle raised) and then exhale as a cat (bend the spine up, chin to the chest).

Step 3: Perform the posture for 2-3 minutes, initially moving slowly and gradually increasing speed when flexible.

5. Face dog movement


The effect of this morning yoga exercise is that deep breath helps relieve stress and improve your cognitive performance.

Step 1:Kneeling on both legs and arms, knees widening with hips. Two arms extended by the shoulders, fingers spread wide.

Step 2: Using the force of the arm, slowly push the person up, the legs stretched straight.

Step 3: Move your hands forward, step back to stretch the body. Squeeze thighs when moving. Hold this position for 1-3 minutes, pay attention to the breath. Then slowly lower the knee and return to the child's posture.


Want to be healthy, you should exercise. The above talk about 5 yoga exercises in the morning to help you better, hope this article is useful to you. Good luck!


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