best tips yoga for beginners weight loss

How to balance your body with an ideal weight? Eating less or using weight loss medicine is not the good choice for anyone. Practicing yoga daily prefers than any kinds of losing weight. Let’s check these best tips yoga for beginners weight loss here!


All we know that obesity causes many bad effects to our health. Everyone looks for many ways to reduce their weight and make a firm body. Some people choose to use weight loss medicine, others eat less or drink detox water, and the rest ones do physical exercises as gym or yoga to improve their weight. Actually, yoga helps to lose weight more effectively. 

Yoga for beginners weight loss should be done daily at home or at some yoga classes. If you do yoga at home, follow the instruction video seriously. Otherwise, you can do more yoga poses that the yoga teacher guides and adjusts it right if you join any yoga classes. Being a beginner, you should go to the yoga class some first days to know about which yoga poses help you to lose weight, after that you can practice yourself at home.

1.      Yoga For Beginners weight loss : Don’t eat before practicing Yoga


Remember that you practice yoga to maintain your health, balance your weight. Therefore, you should try not eating too much before practice yoga. Eating before practicing can cause some problems to your digestion system. On the other hands, you can drink water instead. Sweating out much can makes your body exhausted, so water can help you increase more energy to keep practicing.

2.      Take deep breath during your practice time


Your body can eliminate about 80% of fat cells when you take deep breath during your yoga practice. Yoga for beginners weight loss focuses on inhale and exhale logically. Do you know that learning how to breathe is a MUST of practicing yoga for beginners? The more you control your breath, the more fat cells will stay away from you.

3.      Relaxation is the key


Yes, it’s the key in yoga for beginners weight loss. Some studies have been shown that stress hormone can cause weight gain. In reality, some people deal with stress by eating more, resulting in over-control their weight. Relaxation and meditation of yoga can help you release stress and let your mind fresh.

 4.      Choose yoga posesfor losing weight


Yoga for beginners weight loss concentrates on easy and simple poses. Follow these yoga poses and try to practice daily to have an ideal weight but still healthy and beautiful.

 Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), a yoga pose that’s good for practicing in the morning. It can detoxify your body, improve your digestion.


Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana): is one of the easiest posture of yoga for beginners weight loss, it takes you about 30 seconds every morning. This yoga posture can improve the digestion, remove toxins from your body, and strengthen your back and the upper body. Remember to breathe right and slowly.


Chair Pose (Utkatasana): it looks like squats, sitting in this pose and standing in Mountain Pose.


There’re so many ways to lose weight, but yoga is always the best choice of Yoga for beginners weight loss .  Yoga not only helps to control your weight, it also makes your body healthier, your skin is more glowing, firming and radiant. Hope these tips help all yoga beginners!


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