beneficial and harmful side from basic yoga for beginners

Have you ever asked yourself if you practice yoga incorrectly? And how you get right basic yoga for beginners to let yoga make you better ?

How to get better by following basic yoga for beginners posesHow to get better by following basic yoga for beginners poses

Yoga is a kind of exercise which very good for your health and mind as a way you can refresh yourself out of stressful and make your body become more flexible. It’s popular through being practiced by many people from all over the world and is the best way for you to build a better life.

However, the yoga practitioners can get themselves the bad results if they do it incorrectly.


As you know, almost basic yoga for beginners poses are aimed at meditation and how you can stretch your body parts such as arms, legs and curve it. They want to make you feel every breath inside of you to take a deeper inhale and exhale to calm your mind down, refresh your mind from the pressures, maybe from working, studying  or anything else that can impact to your daily life. In addition, there have variety types of yoga that let you do some movements to achieve the target you set before practicing yoga.

On how to do basic yoga for beginners poses, you need to be trained by a yoga instructor on how to do the postures. Here are name of some popular basic yoga for beginners you should know and how to do are bound angle, stand with side bend, downward-facing dog or even extend side angle... Of course, each of basic yoga has its own benefit if you do it carefully and correctly. 

On the other hand, some cases are noted that the practitioners get serious results, like you hurt yourself like:


- Sprain, stretch the ligaments of the joints.

- Dislocated and slipped vertebrae or spinal dices lesions that treatment of these cases are not only complicated and expensive, but also affects the ability to their career or working.

- Dislocated shoulder thick is a pretty heavy injury. It’s causing much pain and if the dislocated repeat for a long time, the results can cause dislocated chronic shoulder.

- Tension in the spine, knee, neck , shoulders and legs... due to repeated repetitive movements, stretching tendons and excessive ligaments.

According to some research on affecting from practicing yoga incorrectly, some yoga injuries tend to increase rapidly day by day. There are now have many of patients who come to the clinic when they feel symptoms are painful shoulder, neck, back.... after doing yoga but do not think that the pain is due to yoga is not right or too much.

For those who wish to learn yoga , if there is an underlying illness that is not consistent with some of the yoga poses, it is more likely to cause serious harm.


The basic level as a basic yoga for beginners

To prevent these harmful results that you don’t want to, the best way is coming to a yoga class or gym in order to get the instructions on how to practice in a right way. A yoga teacher will help you and just by it step by step, don’t push it too quick to move up a next level. Don’t worry if you’re at the basic level as a basic yoga for beginners, let’s practice it regularly, you will soon get a higher level.

Yoga is amazing and for everyone. It bring a lot of happiness to our daily life. Let’s do it carefully because it’s the way you make yourself better.


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