Styles Yoga

Yoga is variety with a lot of styles to do, find out which style is suitable for you

6 vinyasa yoga weight loss for women

Overweight is the headache issue for women. 6 Vinyasa Yoga weight loss for women is necessary for them to lose weight.

vinyasa yoga poses

Vinyasa yoga poses is about movement, flow, and breath. This practice of yoga is often called Vinyasa Flow, or Flow yoga, because of the smooth ...

vinyasa sequence help women be busy as a bee overcome overweight

Women who are busy as a bee can consider Vinyasa sequence as the way to reduce overweight effectively by its good benefits.

power vinyasa yoga and the benefits

Power Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga, where students move from one posture to another while connecting their breathing with their ...

enjoying the happy life with vinyasa poses

Let’s enjoy the well long-aged life with the Vinyasa poses because they have meaningful benefits to people’s health and body.

many people are confused about vinyasa meaning

Vinyasa Yoga which has Vinyasa meaning is a flexible and dynamic yoga style. Vinyasa Yoga, is famous for Flow Yoga, has all the beneficial body and ...

how to lose weight through yoga?

Regular exercise can help you to lose weight, yoga does well. A yoga session for 90 mins can help to burn fat, it means you can lose weight through ...

what to wear to yoga?

Each workout prefers to different style of clothes and have you ever wonder what to wear to yoga? Is it suit with yoga as well?

how often should you do yoga?

How often should you do yoga is the popular question for most of the beginners. To answer it, just have a look at what you want to achieve.

how many calories burned after doing yoga?

According to the surveys on what is the most demand from the participants on practicing yoga, how many calories does yoga burn is the most concern ...

how can you do ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss?

Many of us have considered about can we use ashtanga yoga poses for weight loss?

how to become an instructor of ashtanga yoga poses with pictures?

Learning ashtanga yoga is easy because it’s for everyone but become an instructor is a big matter. Let’s see how to become an instructor of ...