shoulder workout for men

Shoulder workout is a very important workout for men in workout routine. However, we usually do shoulder workout for one of both shoulders, that’s the omission. Let’s see this “shoulder workout for men” to have a fully shoulder workout every time you do.    
Before starting this shoulder workout, we received many questions that “Do shoulder workout will makes me short?” Or “Do shoulder workout affect to my height?” We can definitely answer you “NOT”. Not only shoulder workout but also all other workouts will not affect your height if you do correctly as the guide or as your trainer.
Many people, who start doing workout at the first time still not know that shoulder muscles are also likable as other main muscles on the body. Shoulder muscles are also classified to parts such as front shoulder muscles – anterior, behind shoulder muscles - posterior and the middle shoulder muscles - medial, and trap. So, if you only focus on practicing one part, it’s not enough for you to have a hefty shoulder.


Let’s begin doing these shoulder workouts for men to have a hefty shoulder.

1.    Barbell clean and press

-    This exercise is an advanced exercise, this will affect your anterior and medial muscles  
-    Stand straightly and the legs are wide at the shoulders. Straighten your back. Put the barbell in front of your legs.  Bend over the body, two hands hold the barbell.
-    Use your shoulder to pull the barbell up strongly then straighten the knees and tiptoe until the barbell to your shoulder, rotate the wrists forward to hold the barbell.
-    Continue pushing barbell overhead with straight arms upward.
-    Lower the barbell to the shoulder then back to the original posture.

2.    Snatch 

This exercise has two types for practicing are Dumbbell snatch and Kettlebell snatch. We advise you to use Kettlebell because you need to use many muscles to do this exercise. If you are still not familiar with this, use Dumbbell first.
-    This exercise will affect your anterior.
-    Stand wider than shoulder a bit distance. Two hands hold Dumbbell or Kettlebell then put between your feet. Lean forward and straiten your back, eyes look forward.
-    Tighten your abdominal muscles, stand straightly and use your shoulder to pull the dumbbell overhead. Remember to exhale. Hold your arm straightly for 1 second.
-    Inhale then gradually back to the original posture and repeat.

3.    Dumbbell push press

This is the basic exercise of Dumbbell push press before you have enough strength to use barbell to do shoulder workout. This affect your anterior and medial.
-    Stand straightly and legs are wide at the shoulder, two hands hold two dumbbells.
-    The forearm is perpendicular to the floor, arm pressed against the body.
-    Exhale then slack your legs at a half of Squat exercise posture. Straighten the body and push one arm overhead.
-    Gradually put your arms to the original position and repeat, remember to inhale.

4.    Landmine press 

-    Stand straightly and hold a side of the barbell then put it on your shoulder.
-    Slack your legs then stand very quickly and push the barbell upward overhead. Hold for 1 second then down the barbell to the shoulder gradually.

5.    Seated dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell shoulder press is the very popular exercise to affect anterior and medial shoulder muscles.
-    Adjust the bench as long as you can sit on it. Two hands hold to dumbbells. Feet are on the floor completely and make the 30 degree angle.
-    Lift your legs to lift the dumbbells, arms are perpendicular to each other and parallel to the floor, palms forward.
-    Exhale, tighten the shoulder muscles and push the dumbbell up overhead strongly.
-    Inhale and down the dumbbell to the original posture, hold for 1 -2 seconds then repeat.
-    If you have no problem with your lower back, you can stand to do this exercise for more effect.

6.    Battle ropes

This exercise is usually applied in hard cardio exercise to reduce fat in the arms. You really need to use much energy and power in this exercise.
    This exercise will affect the anterior and trap shoulder muscles and we will start with the basic part.
-    Stand wider than shoulder a bit distance. Your two hands hold two ends of rope.
-    Lower the body to Squat posture.
-    Lift one arm strongly then down and do it for the other arm
-    Do this exercise consecutively as fast as with the time as much as possible
-    This is a cardio exercise for reducing fat very incredible.

This is the first part of shoulder workout for men, we will continue next 10 more exercise in this shoulder workout. Follow us, we always have new useful posts for gym workout every day one our site. 

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