shoulder workout for men (part 2)

As we introduced part 1 of this shoulder workout for men. Today, we continue introducing the next more 10 exercises in this shoulder workout. Let’s continue these next shoulder workouts for men to have a hefty shoulder.

1.    Barbell Military Press

This shoulder workout for men will affect the anterior and medial shoulder muscles.
-    Stand on a workout chair that you can lean your back in, keep your back straight. Hold the barbell with hands and arms are wide at the shoulder, palms forward.
-    Lift the barbell upward overhead.
-    Inhale gradually then down the barbell at the shoulders.
-    Exhale strongly and lift the barbell upward overhead. Straighten your body.
-    This exercise will be more difficult if you stand to do as long as you don’t have any problem with your lower back. 

2.    Dumbbell Shrugs

This is the best shoulder workout for the trap if you want to have a big trap muscles.
-    Stand straightly and legs are wide at the shoulders. Hold two dumbbells by hands.
-    Use trap muscles to pull arms up to make the shrug posture as high as possible. Remember to exhale.
-    Hold in 1 second then back to the original posture. Remember to inhale.

3.    Lunging Shoulder Press

This shoulder workout for men will help you grow the anterior, posterior muscles and legs muscles as well.
-    Stand with legs are wide at the shoulders, hold a dumbbells with your left hand and hold it on the shoulder.
-    Step forward the right leg then slack down so that your thigh is parallel to the floor then the left hand push the dumbbell up over the head.
-    Hold in 5 seconds then back to the original posture.

4.    Reverse Dumbbell Flyes

The posterior muscles will be affected by this shoulder workout.
-    Stand and straighten your body, legs are wide at the shoulder, two hands hold two dumbbells.
-    Lean body forward and seems almost parallel to the floor, slack down your knees, hands hold two dumbbells then straighten arms forward.
-    Exhale and tighten the shoulder muscles to lift up arms until they are parallel to the floor, curve the elbows slightly.
-    Inhale gradually then back to the original posture.
-    You can replace dumbbells by cable for this exercise as well.

5.    Kettlebell Swings

-    This shoulder workout affects the anterior muscles.
-    Stand straightly and legs are wider at the shoulders. Put kettlebell between your feet then hold it by one hand.
-    Shrug the legs and lift the kettlebell backward between your feet at the same time.
-    Stand straightly and lift the kettlebell forward to in front of your face.
-    Move the kettlebell down backward between your feet then slack down the legs
-    You can do this exercise with both hands if you use a heavier kettlebell.

6.    Upright Row

Your trap and anterior shoulder muscles will be affected in this shoulder workout for men.
-    Stand and straighten your back, legs are wide at hips, hold the barbell by hands, curve the elbows slightly, palm inward. Put the barbell leaning in your thighs.
-    Exhale then lift the barbell to the shoulder and nearly touch to the chin, elbows are wider to sides, upper than arms. The way of the barbell is the straight “line” from the floor to the shoulders, try to hold in 1 or 2 seconds at the highest position. Fix your body and straighten the back.
-    Inhale and down the barbell to the original posture gradually.

7.    Front Plate Raises

The group of anterior and trap shoulder muscles will be affected.
-    Stand and straighten the body, legs are wider at the shoulders and your hands hold a plate dumbbell (plate). Straighten your arms, curve the elbows slightly. Put the plate near your hips.
-    Exhale gradually and lift the arms parallel to the floor. Hold it in 1 second. Fix the body, back must be straight when doing this action.
-    Inhale then down to the original posture gradually.
-    You can lift the plate over the head to increase the difficulty in this exercise.

8.    Lateral Raises

-    This helps you grow the medial shoulder muscles.
-    Fix the body straightly on the floor and legs are wide at the shoulder.
-    Hands hold two dumbbells and hold on the thighs, palms face each other, curve the elbow slightly.
-    Exhale and lift arms until parallel to the floor. Stop in 1 to 2 seconds.
-    Gradually down to the original posture then repeat.

9.    Cable Face Pulls

Your posterior shoulder muscles will be grown effectively with this workout.
-    Adjust the cable as long as it’s in front of your face. Slack down the knees slightly.
-    Stretch the abdominal muscles then pull the cable to your face, tighten shoulder muscles.
-    Stretch your shoulder muscles to the furthest position in 1 second then back to the original posture gradually.

10.    Front Dumbbell Raises

This is just a variation of the “Front plate raises”.
-    Hold two dumbbells with hands and straighten your arms (not completely) in front of thighs. Palms inward the body.
-    Fix the body (can slightly move if use heavy dumbbells), lift the left arm first, curve the elbow slightly, palm downward. 
-    Do this action until arm is parallel to the floor with a bit distance further than the shoulder. Hold in 2 to 3 seconds.
-    Gradually down to the beginning posture then change the other hand.

So we’ve just finished all shoulder workouts for men effectively. Let’s do this shoulder workout for men more regularly to have a perfect body, especially for a hefty shoulder


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