shoulder workout at home

Is there any shoulder workout at home? What is the most effective shoulder workout at home? Especially for many people that not have enough condition to go to gym and fitness center or if it’s a rainy day and you cannot go to fitness center. And if you are worry or still not know to do shoulder workout, let us introduce you this very effective “shoulder workout at home”.

Shoulder muscles is the main muscles and very important for your body beauty. A nice shoulder muscles will help you have a “V” body that everyone expects. Even though doing shoulder workout at home seems more difficultly than other parts of the body muscles, but there are still many exercises for you to do shoulder muscles with the best effect without any equipment.


These shoulder workouts at home is completely suitable for both men and women. So don’t worry if it makes women’s body thicker. Because women have less more testosterone than men, so women will not look as” manly” as men, except using steroid (a stimulant for growing muscles quickly that is banned all over the world.)


The most effective shoulder workout for both men and women

Before doing this workout, remember to warm up carefully.


Warm up

You don’t need to spend much time to warm up, but it help you avoid injuries and help you do shoulder workout at home effectively.


The Cardio

Do the cardio slowly in 5 to 10 minutes is the best way for warming up your body before doing your workout. This exercise helps you increase your heartbeat, makes your muscles receive enough blood and oxygen. Besides, you can jog as well, even you can do exercises as Jumping jacks.



This is the best way to “heat” your shoulder muscles. Stand straightly and stretch out your legs parallel to the floor. Turn your arm around the arc gradually then touch the hand to the opposite foot. Do this action for 30 seconds/ side.


Let’s start doing shoulder workout at home. Your sole “aim” is the shoulder and don’t need to use any equipment or dumbbell. This is very easy, right? You only need to spend 20 to 30 minutes for this workout.

How to do shoulder workout at home: Do this as a circle. You should do each action as much as possible you can within 1 minute. If you cannot do it within 1 minute, have a break for a few seconds then continue doing it until the time is over. 1 minute break between every exercise.


  1. Pull up
  • Your two hands hold the horizontal bar, palms facing forward, slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • Hang your arms straightly and legs are slightly in the front. Squeeze your thighs tightly, tighten abdominal muscles. Tighten your body during doing this exercise.
  • Pull your elbows to your two sides and tighten your shoulder muscles together. When pulling up your body, imagine as you are pushing down your body. The eyes look to the front, pull up your body until your neck and upper chest touch the barbell, exhale definitely.
  • Stop one second, then inhale and lower your body gradually. You shouldn’t let your arm completely straight.



  1. Pike push-up
  • Get in the push-up posture. Straighten your arms as wide as your shoulders.
  • Push the hips up as long as your body makes the opposite “V”. Straighten your arms and legs as straight as possible.
  • Inhale, lower the elbows and lower your body until the top of your head touch the floor.
  • Stop 1 second, then inhale gradually and push your body to the original posture until you stretch the arms completely.
  • Repeat




  1. Inverted row
  • Prepare a firm horizontal bar with the height is equal to your hips, palms facing forward. Hang your arms straightly and put your arms above shoulders. Feet on the floor, straighten your legs (difficult level) or pull the legs closely to the body (easier level).
  • Start tightening shoulders then continue pulling your arms to the bar closely. Try to keep your wrist straightly, exhale definitely 
  • Stop 1 second then inhale gradually and push your body to the original posture. That’s one time.




  1. Side plank
  • Lie on one side, straighten your legs. Lean on the left elbow and arm. Lift your right arm upright perpendicular to the body. Your body makes the letter “T”.
  • Tighten your body by tightening the abdominal muscles. Lifting hips until the body makes a straight line from the ankle to the shoulder. Breathe deeply.
  • Hold on then do the opposite side.



  1. Crab walk

Sit on the floor and push your hands to the floor, right down the shoulders. Hands on the floor, bend your knees. Stretch the hips as long as it keeps away from the floor a bit distance. Move your hands and legs forwards, move left hand and right leg with the rhythm and do opposite side. Keep lowering hips and puff your chest.



  1. Push-back Push up

This is one of the most effective shoulder workout at home because you need to used your shoulder muscles completely to push your body backwards

  • Get in the push-up posture and straighten your body. Inhale and lower the body and push backwards then back to the push-up posture at that time, push backwards then straighten arms.
  • Back to the original posture.



We have just introduced you the most effective shoulder workout at home for both men and women. Don’t be hesitant to add these shoulder workouts to your workout routine and do workout every day for a perfect body. We hope all of you always be healthy and beautiful.






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