leg workout for women

Leg workout for women is always concerned, if you’re looking for a leg workout, this is exactly the leg workout for women you’re looking for.
To women, sexy legs as a model is just a dream, but dream not always come true. Many women don’t have a sexy leg, even though have fat legs, so it makes women sad and disappointed as well.
To solve that problem and have sexy legs, let’s begin training leg workout for women that we introduce you below and combine with yoga training. Everyone will have sexy legs as a model. 

Globet squats
The technique of this exercise is likely as the basic squat, the sole difference is you need to hold a dumbbell and put in in front of your chest.

goblet squat

-    Stand straightly and legs are wide or wider a bit than the shoulders. Hold the dumbbell in front of the chest
-    Exhale, push your hips backward and lower the body until thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold this motion in 1 second.
-    Inhale then back to the beginning posture.

Alternating dumbbell split jump


-    Hands hold two dumbbells, palm face to each other, stand straightly with a leg forward and a leg backward. The distance between two feet is about one step.
-    Exhale and slack your legs to the squat posture.
-    Inhale and jump up and change the position of your legs quickly while jumping up.
-    Repeat this all motions above.

Reverse dumbbell box lunge
First, you need to prepare a piece of wood or a box that you can stand on it.

Reverse dumbbell box lunge

-    Hold two dumbbells with hands, stand straightly on the box.
-    Exhale and put one leg backward and slack your leg as the “Alternating dumbbell split jump” above.
-    Inhale and step the leg forward to the beginning posture. Do this motion for the opposite leg as well.

Calf raise farmer walk.
-    Your hands hold two dumbbells
-    Tiptoe up and start walking within 1 minute. Remember to breathe evenly.
-    Repeat until finish all sets.

 Calf raise farmer walk

Single arm kettlebell swing    

This is a very popular leg workout for women at many gym and fitness center. When doing this exercise, you should have a look around to avoid throwing kettlebell to people around you.

 Single arm kettlebell swing

-    Stand straightly, hold the kettelbell with a hand, legs are wider than shoulders.
-    Exhale, swing the kettlebell forward, slack your legs while swinging the kettlebell to brake the impulse when the kettlebell down backward between your two feet.
-    Inhale and swing the kettlebell forward again.

Pistol squat
Normally, leg workout for women is trained by squat popularly, but if you think that’s too simple, Squat with one leg will make you more excited.

Pistol squat

-    Stand and keep straight, arms are in front of your face and parallel to the floor, straighten the back and look forward. Lift one leg first then hold it in that position.
-    Exhale and push your hips backward, lower your body as low as possible as normal squat. Stop in 1 second.
-    Inhale and back to the beginning posture then do this action for the opposite side.

Marching hip raise with feet on Swiss ball
-    Put your legs on the ball then bend the knees and feet step on the ball. Lift your hips to make a straight “line” from shoulder to knees.
-    Exhale then bend knees nearly to the chest.
-    Inhale and back to the beginning posture. Change opposite leg and repeat.
Try to do this sexy leg workout for women regularly, all of you will quickly have sexy legs as a model. The dream will become the truth and you will feel very comfortable and confident when wearing short pants or skirts for walking with friends or going anywhere without any complexity. 

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