leg workout for men

For almost bodybuilders, the very popular problem is “up big, low small”. This means many bodybuilders just do workout for upper body such as chest, shoulder, arm workout but do not do workout for the lower body. Today, we will help you improve this situation with leg workout for men. This is very necessary if you want to have a fit body.

This problem has been mentioned many times but not many people do this leg workout for men. Then let the legs be very small but other upper body muscles are very big, so you look not fit, not balance. 
If you still not see the consequence when you do not have leg workout training, just imagine that you have a very nice body as you imagine but that body connect with “toothpick” legs.

Now, after making-up your mind, you should plan a leg workout routine and supply this leg workout for men to your workout routine.
This leg workout for men includes 2 parts: leg workout with equipment and without equipment.
You should have a 45-second break between two exercises. After doing two exercises, have a 2-min break then do the next two exercises.

Leg press

This is the very popular leg workout for men so we will not mention too much in this exercise. 
Do this exercise in 3 sets, each set has 6 reps


- Stand straightly and legs are wide at the hips.
- Lower the body and push your hips backward, put the arm backward to make the momentum.
- Jump forward as far as possible.
- Landing by toes and repeat
- Doing this exercise in 3 sets with 6 reps each set.

Straight leg deadlift

This deadlift will help your behind thigh stretching much more.
The deadlift not has any change, the sole change that you need to stand straightly when doing this exercise.

Squat jumping

This is the best exercise for thighs and buttock.
- Stand straightly and legs are wide at shoulders.
- Lower the body to Squat posture with straight back.
- Use your toes to push the body up for jumping and landing by toes as well.
- ack to the Squat posture immediately after landing and repeat.

Calf raise

Unless you have equipment in this exercise, it’s not a problem. You can use the barbell with the plate dumbbells.
This exercise is very simple. You only need to stand straightly then tiptoe up as high as possible you can.

High jumping

- Straighten the body with legs are wide at hips
-  Jump up and straighten your feet downward.
- Doing this exercise in 3 sets with 8 reps each set.

Split squat

- Stand straightly. You can use barbell or dumbbells to do this exercise.
- Step one leg forward.
- Gradually lower the body perpendicular to the floor until the front knee is parallel to the floor, stop.
- Stand up and repeat this motion.

Split jump

Your beginning posture as the above exercise – split squat. The sole difference is you need to try to jump up as high as possible.
If you’ve never known this exercise before, you should try this. This is an exciting leg workout for men.
- Keep legs wide at the shoulder and stand straightly.
- Hold the barbell with hands, stretch your arms, palms inward.
- Lower the body to a half of the squat posture.
- Pull the barbell up and slightly jump up and put the barbell in front of your shoulders.
- Hold the barbell by your fingers and wrists upward.
- Put the barbell to the beginning posture then repeat.

Hitting ball and jumping
- Hold a small ball, stand straightly with legs are wide at the hips.
- Hit the ball to the floor then catch up when it bounce up.
- Jump up as high as possible.
- Repeat this exercise.

These are ten leg workouts for men. Let’s do this leg workout for men regularly to help your legs bigger, stronger and especially, fitting to your body. Keep fit, stay healthy!. 

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