leg workout at home with bodyweight

The most effective leg workout at home is “Bodyweight”. This is the trend of gym workout in this year.
Bodyweight is the exercise, which use the weight of your body to train. Do you know any or many exercises in this workout? Today, we will introduce you 7 bodyweight exercises for leg workout at home to help your legs stronger. The bodyweight also help busy people, who cannot have enough time to go to gym or fitness center can do leg workout at home. Let’s begin bodyweight training for stronger legs together.

1.    Hip thrust

This is a very good leg workout at home even though by the theory, this workout affects the buttock muscles the most (even more than squat).
- Laying on your back, bend your knees and let your hands comfortable.
- Exhale and push your hips to the highest position that you can.
- Inhale then down the hips to the beginning posture.

2.    Bodyweight squat

This is the exercise that everyone may know it. Even though, it known as the exercise for a bigger and firmer buttock muscles, but squat also helps your legs muscles, especially your thighs muscles so we decide add this exercise as a leg workout at home.

3.    Explosive lunges

- Stand straightly with legs are wide at the shoulders
- Step one leg forward, lower the body at the same time and let the arms comfortable. The front leg is perpendicular to the floor and the behind leg is parallel to the floor.
- Back to the beginning posture and do this action to the opposite side.

4.    Single leg hamstring

Laying on your back, put the left leg on a chair then bend it, stretch the right leg and lift upward perpendicular to the ceiling.
- Exhale and push the hips up as long as back and hips make a straight “line”
- Exhale and lower the body to the beginning position.
- Do this exercise with a fast rhythm.

5.    Lateral lunge

- Stand straightly and close your legs.
- Step one step to the right and slack the right leg so that thigh is parallel to the floor, stretch your left leg. Hands put on the hips or put in front of you.
- Back to the beginning posture, finish the required sets then change the opposite side and repeat.

Single leg hip thrust

As the “Single leg hamstring” above, the sole difference is no need to use the chair anymore but you need to lay on your back to do.
Knee get up

- Knelt to the floor, you can use a carpet to avoid knees hurt.
- Let arms backward to make the momentum to jump up to the standing posture.
- Repeat this action.
Drop squat

This exercise is similar to the “Jump squat” If you knew Jump squat, you can do this exercise like that.
- Stand straightly, legs are wider at shoulders.
- Slightly jump up and expand two legs to make the downing squat posture.
- Jump up to the beginning posture.
- This exercise needs to be done with a fast rhythm.

Leg workout at home with bodyweight is a very convenient workout for everyone. Especially for busy bodybuilders, who cannot have a full training at the gym or fitness center. We hope this leg workout at home will help you to do gym workout regularly with anytime and anywhere you are and brings you the best effects. Follow us to get more useful posts and more workouts at home.


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