enjoying the happy life with vinyasa poses

Let’s enjoy the well long-aged life with the Vinyasa poses because they have meaningful benefits to people’s health and body.

The outstanding health benefits of practicing Vinyasa poses

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular Yoga classes. Vinyasa exercises help you to balance your body, boost metabolism, digest good and have effective weight loss.



Squeezing your body in new ways will help your body become more flexible and flexible, providing better movement for your muscles and joints. Through exercises, your joints, back, buttocks and hamstring will work a lot.


Many Vinyasa poses require you to support the body in many new ways, including balancing on one leg (posture) or by supporting the body by the arm (posture

Downward Facing Dog). Some exercises require you to perform slow posture, which will increase your endurance.

Muscle strength

Yoga not only strengthens and strengthens you but also develops your muscles. Yoga will create long and firm muscles, no fat.

Avoiding long pains

Being physically stronger and stronger will help you avoid shoulder and back aches. Someone who suffers from a backache due to sitting too long on the computer or desk. This leads to fatigue and stiffening of the skeletal muscles. You can fix this with Yoga. 

Yoga will help to increase the connection in and out of the back area and other vulnerable parts of the body. As a result, you can avoid common muscle aches.


Respiratory breathing regular

Most of us breathe deeply and do not really get to breathe the day. The breathing Vinyasa poses (called Pranayama poses) focus on breathing and teaches us how to use the lungs most sensibly.

This is more important than you think because it will affect the whole body. Some breaths will also help clear the nose and regulate the central nervous system, which is beneficial for both your mental motor.


Yoga exercises of Yoga have a strong influence on the body. Focusing attentively on what your body is doing will have a beneficial effect on body conditioning.

Thus, after leaving the Yoga class, many people feel their life is better.

Consciousness of the body

Yoga practice also helps you to increase awareness of your body. You are often given small and gentle movements to improve muscle alignment. Over time, the exercises will enhance the level of comfort with your own body. This can lead to positive perspectives and increase self-confidence.


Tadasana (Equal standing pose)


This simple Yoga pose helps to eliminate fat and reduce stress.


- You start this pose with your right foot over the left leg to reach the ankle on your left calf.

- Next, the right and left hand are in hand together and you keep the spine straight.

- You keep this one of Vinyasa poses at 5-8 breaths, then you move your leg.

Adho Mukha Svanasana is named the pose of top Vinyasa poses


This pose boosts blood circulation in the body, increases muscle endurance and eliminates stress.


-  Starting with the basic face, then lowering your arms to the floor with your hands spread out. You make sure your two arms are parallel.

- You try to straighten your legs, lower your heels to the floor (Yoga mat). You can lower your head down to a relaxing Yoga mat and look back or stomach. Holding this position for 5 breaths.



This pose stimulates the organs of the abdomen. It also helps to relax your shoulders and chest and reduce fat in the abdominal position.


- To exercise this Yoga posture, you start from the lotus position.

- Then you hold up the two hands on the side, keep your right leg horizontal in front and let left leg stretch straight back.

- Trying to lower your hips to the floor as much as possible and your chest as well as body forward straight. To keep this position for at least 20 seconds to 1 minute depending on your ability.

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