6 vinyasa yoga weight loss for women

Overweight is the headache issue for women. 6 Vinyasa Yoga weight loss for women is necessary for them to lose weight.


- Sitting on the floor, legs straight ahead, straight back.

- You raise both arms high overhead.

- Folding your toes so that your thighs and buttocks touch the floor.

-Bending down and trying to breathe deeply for a few seconds.

- You back to the original posture and repeat this post 4-5 times.

Naukasana (Boat Pose)

- Lying on the training platform, stretching your arms and feet too close.

- You slowly raise your chest and feet off the floor.

- Straightening your arms forward.

- The fingers and toes should straighten and forward.

- Holding this position for a few seconds.

- You slowly return to the original position and repeat 4-5 times.


Ustrasana is named on Vinyasa Yoga weight loss for women

- Kneeling on the kneeling carpet. Hands folded behind the pelvis, so that the arm against the hip.

- You slowly pull your upper body backward.

- Slowly lower your head and straightening your arms and holding your feet with your hand.

- You make sure the neck is not tilted.

- Holding this position for 30-40 seconds and returning to its original position.


- You lie on the floor. The arms stretched out comfortably on either side.

- You raise slowly knees up and use the two arms to grasp the ankle.

- Taking a deep breath and pull the chest up. Hands to pull the ankle up to the body to form a bow shape.

- Taking a deep breath and hold this position for a few seconds before returning to its original position.



This Vinyasa Yoga weight loss requires women pay high attention to.

- You lay down on the floor, legs straight.

- Placing the palm of your hand under your shoulders.

- The chin slightly meets the floor.

- You inhale deeply, loosely lift the force and bend forward as widely as possible.

- Holding this position for 15 - 30 seconds (depending on your talent).

- Exhaling slowly lower the overall body down to the initial form.

- Repeating at least 5 times, resting 15 seconds each time.

Note: If you have a herniated disc or are pregnant, do not practice with this style.


Uthkatasana (Chair Pose)

- Standing straight on the yoga mat, the two hands together join up in front.

- Knees bent down to the thighs simultaneously with the floor (this style is like when you are sitting on a chair).

- Next, you raise your hands high above the head (can touch the palms of hands or separate hands).

- Slightly move forward and breathe out.

- You keep this as long as possible. Attempting to put in a place and keep breathing evenly.

Note If you have a knee or back injury, do not perform this action.



- Starting with straight upright position

- Legs are wide with shoulders, hands relaxed.

- Leg left, slowly lifted his legs back and left hands hugging left elbow.

- Left hands touch the left feet. You breathe in and keep 10-15 counts. Switching sides and performing the same.

Note You tend to the abdomen, firm legs, face forward when doing this Vinyasa Yoga weight loss.


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